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Diet Tips after Gastric Bypass Surgery

Diet Tips after Gastric Bypass SurgeryGastric bypass surgery is considered as a last resort for the patients who are not successful in attempts of some weight loss methods dealing with the problem of overweight. The operation of gastric bypass aims making a pouch in the top of your stomach, similar to the size of a walnut and capable of containing nearly one ounce of food. Such pouch would bypass a section of your small intestines, thus helping you stay away from excessive calories. Although the gastric bypass surgery is really effective, you need to adapt to some changes in your lifestyle to ensure the success of the surgery. One of important changes should be focused on your daily diet.

1. Liquids are important.

After your have your gastric surgery, you would experience several phases in terms of your diet. The primary one is called the liquid phase, which could last a few days, because you could be not able to eat immediately after your surgery, which helps your body get healed. During such phase, you are strongly suggested to take some liquid or semi liquid foods mainly composed of water, such as jello juice broth and cooked cereal. You should have very small meals, but more frequently. It’s also recommended that you should sip liquids all day long so as to make your stomach keep flushed.

2. Go for low-fat and substantive liquids.

When there is no problem for you to hold down clear liquids, you may turn to some kind of liquid with more substance in it, like protein shakes or carnation instant breakfast drink. For example, you could try some protein shakes of name brand such as Ensure and Sustacal. This phase would last one to two weeks depending on how rapidly you are fully healed from your surgery. In addition, you should take a multivitamin for the proper nutrition necessary to your daily diet.

3. Next for pureed foods.

After the second stage, you would be able to take some foods which contain a slightly thicker consistency, like scrambled eggs, cream cheese as well as mashed potatoes. The strained baby foods are kindly recommended in this stage, for such foods would offer adequate nutrition you need. After a few weeks, you would be allowed to move into your normal diet.

4. Move into regular diet.

After two months of your surgery, you could be able to turn into your regular diet. At this phase, you should take plenty of proteins from the sources of pork, chicken and tuna in your every meal. Fruit and fresh vegetables are also recommended on a regular basis.

5. Try to adapt to some lifelong changes.

After your gastric bypass, you should change your previous eating habit. Instead of having three bigger meals per day, you should stick to four to five small meals. When your stomach pouch stretches and grows bigger after a period of time, it could allow you to replace the more frequent meals with slightly larger meals. Therefore, you should start with a balanced diet consisting of a variation of minerals, proteins, carbs, vitamins and fat. If you don’t stick to the smaller meals after your gastric bypass surgery, you would face the problem of feelings pressure or fullness down below your ribcage as well as nausea; even have possible pain in your upper chest.

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