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Diet & Nutrition Tips for Soccer Players

Diet & Nutrition Tips for Soccer Players

Soccer is regarded as an aerobic sport, which could greatly enhance the heart rate and need vigilant preparation physically. If you want to become a successful soccer player, you should get the right nutrition from the foods you take before and after your training session or a formal game. Here are a few tips we offer to the soccer plays in their daily diet and nutrition.

1. Focus your meal before the game.

It is very important for a soccer player to have a nutritious and healthy meal before the game, because the meal would make a big impact on his performance in the game. It is strongly suggested by some professional sports dietitian that a soccer player should a large meal three to four hours before an athletic training program or formal competition. In addition, a small snack like a banana could be eaten thirty minutes before a training session so as to remarkably boost carbohydrates. The pasta without butter could be also considered as a better option for a soccer player before the game.

2. Pay attention to recovery snack after the game.

It would much helpful in reducing recovery time if a soccer player could have a  recovery snack within 30 to 45 minutes after the game, when you should take something rich in carbohydrates through a meal or kind of snack. However, it is kindly recommended that after a session of weight-training, you should better have a snack with high content of protein, which could help enhance the protein synthesis within your body.

3. Try to stay hydrated.

During the period of a soccer game, players could sweat a lot and as a result, they could become dehydrated. Therefore, it is of vital importance to keep hydrated before a game, especially when it is very hot in the field. The standard for checking whether you are fully hydrated is quite simple, if color of your urine is clear, it means that you are in good condition of being hydrated. But the color of your urine turns dark yellow, it is necessary to drink more water for staying fully hydrated.

4. Be careful of taking energy drinks.

It is not healthy to drink any kind of energy drinks before an athletic competition, because some energy drinks like Monster or Red Bull are said to contain more than 60 grams of sugar in them. Although sugary beverages would offer instant energy, it could not last long enough. What a soccer player needs is complex carbohydrates, which could enable him to get the sustained energy for a quite long period of time.

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