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Diet and Health Tips for Cesarean Mothers

Diet and Health Tips for Cesarean Mothers

In the United State, there are almost 30 percent of births are closely linked with the cesarean section surgery. Therefore, every year, more than one million women have to face the recovery problem from major surgery. It is widely accepted that a proper diet and abundant nutrition intake could play a very important part in keeping a good health for a cesarean mother. Here are a few tips a cesarean mother could learn and follow in the months after their surgery.

1. Go for a healthy diet.

After a cesarean section surgery, it is vital to have a healthy and well-balanced diet in which all four food groups should be incorporated. In addition, it is also of same importance to take more fresh vegetable and fruits, dairy foods as well as protein for a healthy recovery from the surgery.

2. Try to reduce gas.

It is well-known that a cesarean mother would probably experience increased gas after the surgery, so it is strongly suggested that she should take some foods which could produce gas as little as possible. Such foods include carbonated drinks and fried foods.

3. No compelling factors for the normal food.

According to the study on the cesarean mothers reviewed by the World Health Organization, there is no remarkable effect between early eating and delayed eating after the cesarean section surgery. Therefore, it is kindly advised that there is no need for a cesarean mother to delay having a normal diet as forced to do so.

4. Get some vitamins if necessary.

As a cesarean mother, she should be aware of taking enough vitamins from daily food and other sources for supplements, vitamins E and C in particular, because such vitamins are much helpful in keeping healthy, assisting quick recovery as well as enhancing the body’s resistance against infection.

5. Do your work.

It is strongly recommended by the International Cesarean Awareness Network that a cesarean mother should increase her activity in a slow pace, and concentrate just on caring her baby and herself at home in the first few weeks after surgery. Step by step, she could start with household chores and consider more about her other kids.

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