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Dating Tips for Shy Ladies

Shy lady

Dating could be nerve-racking for anybody, especially for shy ladies, because they would feel awkward or nervous when being on a first date with someone else. However, there are some ways to overcome their shyness for a comfortable date.

1. To be prepared with questions.

At the beginning of your dating, if you are not ready to talk something about yourself in a comfortable way, you had better raise some questions to your date. It is kindly recommended that you should have a list of questions carefully prepared in advance, for many people prefer to talk more about themselves in the appreciation of that you are quite interested in him. Instead of asking questions associated with politics and religion, you could focus more his profession or hobbies.

2. To be polite whenever possible.

Your shyness does not necessarily show you are not the pleasant person to get along with. With your timidity, it would be rare to scare him away for your first date. It is strongly suggested that you should be polite whenever possible by keep with the phrases such as “please” and “thank you” during your conversation. It is also necessary to maintain a smiling face throughout the date so as to demonstrate that you are enjoying such happy occasion with him. Additionally, you could take the chance to offer some compliments to him, for example, you appreciate the smell of his cologne or his nice shirt.

3. To be attentive with your appearance.

Before you go on a date, you should dress up nicely and beautifully, because when you are feeling and looking your best, you would be more confident with yourself. Therefore, you should put on a cute outfit which you think suitable and comfortable to wear for such an occasion. Furthermore, you should also have some kind of makeover well-designed for this big day. If necessary, you could go to a beauty salon to have your hair styled to look more attractive.

4. To be relaxed.

Before your dating, try to keep yourself relaxed as much as possible. If you leave with much stress, it would make yourself more nervous. You should remember that your date might be a little nervous himself like you. If he is not interested in you, he would not go dating with you. So there is a good way to deal with your nervousness– taking a deep breath and drinking a glass of water before you leave your home for your dating.

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