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Daily Diet Tips on How to Control Asthma

How to Control Asthma through Your Daily Diet

It is well-known that food could play a fundamental role in keeping your good health. Whatever food you take in your daily life, it would have an impact on your body system, either a positive or a negative one. If people who are suffering from allergies, especially asthma would change their daily diet, it would be much beneficial to the treatment of such allergies. Therefore, if you could take more food with high-content of antioxidants and avoid having the food related to inflammation, it would be very helpful in reduction of severe symptoms you have to face in each possible attack.

1. Take more fruits and vegetables.

It has been approved that there is no food or diet which would cure asthma, but you could choose those foods which could reduce the relative symptoms. In order to lower the risk of having asthma, you had better take more food rich in antioxidants. It is strongly suggested that you need to consume the fruits and vegetables with higher antioxidant content such as pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, fresh spinach and kale and oranges. Since there is no remarkable link between certain fruit or vegetable and improvement of your improved lung function, you should try to have various kinds of such fresh foods as much as possible everyday.

2. Go for omega-3s.

As your body is unable to make omega-3 fatty acids, it is quite important to for you to take more foods with high content of omega-3s in your daily diet. The foods rich in omega-3s include like tuna, salmon, sardines, walnuts and flaxseed, which could help decrease inflammation in your body. If you are not used to taking fish or nuts, you had better turn to some kind of omega-3 supplement.

3. Have a better choice of foods.

As you have known that if you want to deal with your allergies in a better and effective way, you need to take fruits and vegetables as well as omega-3s. At the same time, you should consider avoiding those foods which could easily cause inflammation in your body. It is kindly advised that if you are unable to completely stop having foods with high-content of saturated and trans fat, you should try your best to avoid having them to some extent. The foods high in saturated fat include butter, beef and pork. The trans fat could be largely seen in the processed foods, such as shortening and spreads, fast food, packaged mixes as well we those goods we buy at the bakery.

4. Be careful about caloric intake.

If you would like to keep a good health, sometimes you need to change your previous diet. If you take more caloric than your daily requirement, as a result, you might have a problem of over-weight. As for people who are suffering from asthma, they would have more severe symptoms in the case of overweight than they maintain a healthy weight. The reason is that if you are over-weight, it would force everything in your body work even harder than it should do; of course there is no exemption of your lungs. So losing some weight would definitely reduce the severe symptoms of the asthma.

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