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Customer Service Tips for Tellers

Customer Service Tips for Tellers

Bank tellers have to be involved in contact with clients everyday. If they could always keep the friendly and smiling faces in their daily work, it would be much helpful in welcoming customers to come back. The responsibility of tellers covers greeting the clients, offering them their options, completing the transaction. making sure that they would be perfectly satisfied with the possible best service. So good customer service is a vital part for banking, which should be definitely necessary to offer satisfaction to the clientele.

1. Keep a smiling face.

When you greet your client, flashing a bright smile would be an effective way for you to take, because your smile shows the client that you are happy to offer them service, and would try your best to make them feel very comfortable when doing business with your company. It is reported based on data collected by large companies that there are strong links between good customer service including effectiveness of a smile and their sales and customer satisfaction.

2. Focus on eye contact.

When you make eye contact with your clients, it means that you want them to be sure you are glad to help them and you are really concerned about their needs. At the same time, eye contact could be helpful in good communication, because if you look directly at your customer, you would feel easier to hear what they are talking. So it is kindly advised that eye contact combined with proper speech habits would certainly promote smooth communication between you and your customers, which would lead to a rapid and pleasant transaction for both parties.

3. Show personalized service.

If you would like to make your customers think that they are really important, you had better address them by name. By doing so, you could either know their name from their documentation, or you might know who they are because of their frequent visits to your bank. No matter which way, what you want to do is addressing them by their last name so as to make them feel important. A smile and a simple hello with addressing their last name would make the client happy and feel important as if they are offering the personalized transaction.

4. Have general professionalism.

Speaking of general professionalism, it always covers some factors such as efficiency and orientation to detail as well as trustworthiness, which are vital to a successful business, the customer service in particular. Efficiency is quite necessary if you want to complete your work in a correct and timely fashion. At the same time, being trustworthy is equally important for a bank teller, because their work are often related to doing with the confidential and sensitive materials. Furthermore, orientation to detail is also fundamental for bank tellers, because it would help to prevent them from making mistakes that might cost both the client and the bank. General professionalism is very important as you are representative of your company and if you could try hard to keep your customers happy, it would surely enhance long and faithful relationships between your company and the clients..