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Customer Service Tips for Receptionists

Customer Service Tips for Receptionists
As standing at the front line of nearly all the companies, receptionists are always the first people with whom the clients would talk and see during their visit or call. It is important for them to establish effective liaisons between the clients and the business. The good interaction between the clients and the receptionist could really matter in the general business relationship. So, here are a few useful tips you could follow if you want to become a professional and efficient receptionist representing your company in a polished and cordial manner.

1. Focus on tone and infliction.

During working hours, most receptionists have to deal with so many phone calls from executive and chief officers to clients and vendors. Therefore, it is vital you should answer all these calls in a nice voice tone, trying your best to reflect that pleasantry. On many occasions, people are not aware of the way in which their tone reflects to the listener. So it is of great importance that you are always mind your tone and make any possibly appropriate adjustments if necessary.

2. Concentrate on phone etiquette.

Although tone and infliction are very important, phone etiquette is equally important for a qualified receptionist. It is vital to take each call as an individual. You should avoid making comment on a previous call or compare the current one to the previous caller. Before you place a caller on hold, you should be kind enough to ask him whether he wants to be placed on hold and await his response. As soon as you come back to your caller, you should thank him for waiting before starting with the conversation. It is better to call the caller by his full name unless he prefers to be called by another name. If you are working at a more professional, less relaxed company, for example a law office or medical office, you should always remember to call the customer by his formal name.

3. Keep appearance and body language properly.

As a receptionist, your appearance and body language is also extremely important. Try to keep your appearance as polished as possible with clean hair, nails and skin. Your clothing should be maintained matching and fresh without any wrinkle. You should have proper body language to illustrate your interests in your position and your company as well as the clients you are meeting. When a customer come to your company, you should sit up straight and have direct eye contact with the person with whom you are talking. If your client will have to wait for some time, you should keep a smiling face and offer him a seat or something to drink. Your overall welcoming appearance does mean a lot in the way that he would be feeling confident and comfortable as to choose your company the right business partner.

4. Have a good command of the office equipment.

Although the type of business might be different, the general office equipment would be all the same. It is very important that you should have a good command of the phone system, computers as well as other office equipment in your company. If you think your skills need to be improved, you should spend some time in leaning something new. You are kindly advised to improve your typing and computer skills by practice. The good command of all office equipment would be much helpful in advancing your career as well as your salary.