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Customer Service Tips for Nurses

Customer Service Tips for Nurses

Customer service, also commonly known as “bedside manner” in the medical profession, is a fundamental part of the job involved in physicians as well as nurses. As for nurses, if they are intended to set up a positive therapeutic relationship with their patients, they usually enjoy more satisfying job performance and are seldom to be reported in malpractice cases. No matter whom you are, a nurse in training or the well-experienced one, the following tips will be helpful in enhancing your bedside manner to a higher level.

1. To watch other nurses doing closely.

Since bedside manner could not be necessarily learnt from the textbooks, it is vital to get real experience from working. Therefore, you could learn more about how to treat patients properly by observing other experienced nurses in regard to their interaction with patients, especially for the new nurses. By doing so, you would become familiar with the good approach to respond to the behaviors of patients and try your best to make them feel comfortable in a best possible way.

2. To use the simple terms as much as possible.

While following the general practice of nurse-patient interaction, you had better be aware that not all of these scenarios could be perfectly performed. In some cases, the experienced nurses could be apt to misleading patients by accidentally overusing medical terms, which often cause the confusion and distraction among patients. Therefore, when you explain a certain type of drug or condition, you should try to do it in a clear and simple way. It is strongly suggested that you should always remember to ask your patient whether he has questions about anything you have told him.

3. To learn the common courtesies.

In order to maintain good bedside manner, you should learn to make eye contact with your patient and remember his name. Daily greetings to your patient and the better understanding of his personal habits would help him have more comfort and security, because he is feeling that you show more concerns about his well-being. Even if you have a hard day, you should always keep a polite and positive attitude toward the patient. It is not suggested that you could talk about your own problems with the patient while working, because as a nurse, your top priority is to take care of your patients all the time.

4. To present a professional image.

Bedside manner is not only constrained to smiling and being friendly, though they are surely helpful. Bedside manner could cover every aspect of patient care, standing for your overall professional image as a nurse. So at your daily work, you should try to make your patients feel safe and secure during their stay at hospital. To build up the trust from your patients, it is vital that you should be more concerned about their special demands and requirements.

5. To show your interest and concern.

It is kindly recommended that every time you meet a patient, you should always talk to him with the same respect shown to your own family members. You should demonstrate empathy by what you are saying or doing and deliver help and support whenever you could. Even in the case that the patient is not the friendliest, you should remember to keep a personable tone and get rid of your defenses. If a patient has questions, answer them with an open and honest manner. When the patient is in a bad situation, you should be there to offer encouragement to him.

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