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Customer Service Tips for Ending a Phone Call

Customer Service Tips for Ending a Phone Call
If you are involved in offering service to customers, you have to accept and make calls in order to know what your customers’ requirements are or make orders for your own company. In the case that you are quite busy in the office, but customers appear to have a long conversation that would prevent you from being productive, so you should learn the way out to make them off the phone. Here are some tips you could follow to offer proper customer service and at the same time remain professional in ending a phone call.

1. Review Conversation, Then Close

If it appears that your customer is going to begin with a marathon conversation and you are desperate to end such a phone call, as soon as you have got all necessary the business information enough to go on with the unfinished task, then you should review the process of what you have completed and simply thank tell him or for calling. For instance, you could say, “I’ve updated your account with your new information; would you please send an e-mail to confirm the change and so you would be ready to receive details with your new address. If there’s no more you ask me to do, many thanks for calling and have a great day.” Under such environment the customer would understand what you means, and would think it is a soft approach to tell him or her that you have done everything they required and you’re ready to end the call.

2. Don’t Rush, Just Wrap Up

If the call appears to be longer and you are unable to get a word in otherwise, before you get annoyed and would rush the customer off the phone, you should acknowledge their last statement and go with wrapping up the conversation by the means of saying that you fully understand what’s going on and that you really want to end the call. If you happen to come up with someone who is trying to tell you personal stories, instead of saying, “Uh huh, okay, uh huh,” you should directly speak: “Wow, it sounds like an interesting story, but, if there is no more additional assistance required, I would like to ask you to allow me go ahead and complete your account to make sure that everything would be finalized to your satisfaction.”

3. Quick Interruption with Details

If all you have done fail to end the call, it appears that you are out of control regarding the conversation, so you are kindly suggested that at the smallest pause, you should quickly interrupt the customer and offer the final details to them so as to make sure that you have given all the information out before you would end the call. This is a good alternative that you are aware that you have to resort to other means after the phone has ended, for example, after the call, you would send a fax, process an order or even better, to make sure the customer’s demand would be complete satisfied later.