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I started this website as a way to share tips and ideas that will make everyone’s life a little bit easier. Through the researching and sharing, not only I learned a lot helpful tips and tricks, but I believe all me users and visitors should get something they need.

If you are also interested in helping people or if you simply want to get your name out there, don’t hesitate to send us in an article. You don’t have to have a website, a blog, or any alternative agenda. All you need is a kind heart that is willing and ready to share and help people.

When you are ready to send some kind tips, I certainly will read through it sentence by sentence  no matter how many articles will I receive everyday. But I do. Guess what, quality wins every time. Grammar, topic, format, spamminess, etc., are all things that weigh in on our decision. If you look at all of the articles on TKT, you’ll notice that we’re always trying to bring the readers good, kind, honest, actionable tips and advice. That’s what we are looking for and what we are continuing to look for.

Don’t forget to send us you bio with a picture with your kind tips! And you don’t need to send us a picture for the article, we’ll handle that for you. Also, if you are quoting certain information, please link to the source. All in all, it’s quite simple; write something that’s kind and helpful!