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Classic Flirting Tips

Tips for Classic Flirting

Flirting is something you would like to do when you are interested in knowing more about someone much better, and as a result, it could be possible to invite such person to go out for a date. It is common that both men and women would flirt and some are good at flirting compared with others. Flirting is regarded as a combination of sending kind of signals indicating you have an interest in someone, and then expect him or her to receive them and feed back accordingly.

1. Pay attention to the crossed signals.

Sometimes, the flirting signals are not easy to read, and on most occasions, it is the male who expects a positive sign from the female before he decides whether it is suitable to speak to her. If the girl is somehow interested in such signal, but becomes blushed and goes back to her friends. In this case, the guy should know her lack of interest and give it up. It is necessary for the female to remember that if she has kind of interested in him and expects him to start the conversation; she should overcome her shyness and give the positive feedback, something like a nod or a wink, so he is certain that he could take the following steps as expected.

2. Do not be afraid of rejection.

When you go flirting, you should be clear that you would face two options- rejection or acceptance. If someone turns down your flirting, you have to experience the sensation like physical pain. If you are afraid of rejection, it would prevent you from your efforts in flirting. At the same time, you would not be able to continue to do so later, because you think you get the confusing signals from the object of your flirtation. Therefore, the better way to get rid of the fear of rejection is to try it once again so as to learn more techniques in handling rejection from flirting.

3. Get to know the feedback.

Generally speaking, the male is likely to pick up the signal from the female when he is engaged in flirting. So it is of importance for the male to know what kind of signals he expects is convincing in terms of his successful flirting. If a female is intended to accept the male’s flirting, she would extend her eye contact with him, and continue to look in his direction to make sure whether he does the same. As a classic positive signal, it should be a simple smile from the female; it could be a full smile or a sheepish grin, both means that the feedback is positive as well as strong signal and your flirting is working. Another signal you could interpret it is the positive signal across the room is if she starts to make eye contact while playing with her hair to some extent. Once you get such signal from the female across the room, you should be aware that she is quite interested in your flirting. In this case, you could move near to her to find out how interested she would be accordingly. Once you approach to the female, if she starts to be engaged in the physical contact when you talk, and laughs at what you are talking, it would clearly indicate that the flirting of yours is surely successful.

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