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Budgeting Tips for Food at Disney

Budgeting Tips for Food at Disney
Disney parks including Disneyland in California and Disney World in Florida should be the better destinations for vacations, but the trips to such marvelous theme parks could cost you a lot of money in regard to your travel expenses and hotel accommodation. If you consider cutting down your cost, you had better start with your food budge, because the meals in the Disney parks could be very expensive. Here are a few tips you could follow in this respect.

1. To bring your own food.

Generally speaking, Disney parks would be unhappy with the food brought outside. As a rule, you are not allowed to bring in anything in a hard-shelled cooler. But if you are careful enough not to have a complete Thanksgiving dinner there, it would not be a fuss to bring your own food into such parks. To prepare your own food, sandwiches and snacks bought from a local grocery store would be a cheap and healthy choice instead of purchasing food at the kiosks. You could bring water and soda into the park if you put them in a backpack or purse. Typically, Disney parks would offer locker rentals to you for keeping your food when you are intended to go on rides, thus enabling you to eat your food when you want so as to avoid carrying it with you around all day.

2. To try eating outside the park.

As Disneyland in Anaheim is located at the middle part of Southern California’s suburban area, it is easy to reach some restaurants on foot. Just across the street, there is a mall housing a Subway, a pizza place and a Chinese restaurant, which sell the food at nearly half the price of meals in the park. As for Disney World, it should be somewhat trickier, because you need to drive into Orlando for your food. However, you are kindly suggested to have your meal first and then come back to the park. Or you could try the “Official” nearby locales like Downtown Disney where there are also restaurants, not far from if you go on the monorail.

3. To go for a better alternative.

As sit-down restaurants in the Disney parks would be quite expensive. If you plan to eat within the park, you should go for the food at kiosks or other walk-up locations. Although the quality of food would be considerably lower, you could save your money as well as your time. Another option is to feed two people with one meal. As the portions at Disney restaurants would usually very large, it is quite enough for a second diner, a child in particular. To have your breakfast, you should try fruit stands scattered throughout the park rather than character breakfasts or similar gimmicks, which would cost you a lot, because fruit stands are much cheaper and it is easy for you to fit into your schedule at the same time.

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