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Beauty Tips for Round-Faced Women


It is widely accepted that the round-faced women would look younger, because they would present the youthful image and friendly expression to other people. To keep the advantage of round face, you need to do something to keep balance and proportion. Here are a few tips in regard to what you should care about your hairstyle, jewelry, make-up as well as glasses so as to present your best shapes for the beauty of your round face.

1. To be careful of your makeup.

When you apply your makeup, you should be more concerned about creating the oval shaped face as much as possible. By doing so, you could start with two closely related shades of foundation. For the outer portions of your cheek area, you could apply a slightly darker foundation and as for the forehead and chin area, you had better use the lighter shades. In this way, it could effectively make the illusion of a slimmer face. If you want to use blush, you should avoid your apples of the cheeks. As far as application of blush, you should do it on the upper cheekbone area of your face rather than on the pupil of your eye to your nose. By applying with a sweeping motion, remember to get the blush brush up to the eyebrow area. In one word, you should try hard to exaggerate C shape with your blush.

2. To go for proper hairstyles.

It is kindly recommended that round-faced women should avoid having full or round hairstyles. Instead layered styles would be the better option for round faces. Generally speaking, the style of a side or off-center part would be the best choice. The hairstyle with heavy, straight bangs or very long or short hair should be excluded. What is suggested for a proper hairstyle is that the top would be heightened and the sides would be slenderizing.

3. To be mindful of your eyeglass shapes.

It is very important for you to choose the shape of your frames, whether it is the prescription eyeglasses, or sunglasses, which could make a decisive difference. If you want to present the beauty of your round face, you had better select the square or angular frames. To such end, you should avoid choosing the frame edges which would not go beyond your cheekbone area, because it would lead to an unintentional widening of your cheeks that should be already the broadest part of your face.

4. To wear your jewelry carefully.

As recommended by some beauty specialists, if you want to buy some earrings, you should go for the geometric shapes rather than button ones or very small earrings. The better choice would include the square, circle or triangle shapes. With dangle earrings, remember to avoid the extremely long ones, for it would only emphasize your face shape. As for necklaces, you should try those with amulets or pendants, because it could help create a triangular shape and make the neck area as the focus of attention.

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