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Beauty Tips for Pimple Spots with Oily Skin

Face-PimplesMany teenagers and adults are worried about acne and pimples every day. Such ugly blemishes could appear on the face and other areas of skin owing to oily skin, dirt and genetics. The pimples are created when the dirt remains on the face, thus clogging pores. Some people may think the pimples are caused by the food, it is not always right, because much stress and little sleep could also the cause of them as well.

1. Pay attention to the facial cleansers.

If you have an oily skin, you should have the oil removed off your skin periodically throughout the day, especially at night. Although the effect of harsh astringents could remain for a day or two, but they would make the skin produce more oil for compensation of the lost moisture eventually. Therefore, you should avoid using an over-the-counter astringent, instead you could create your own unharsh, something like   lemon, lime or orange juice, which could be effective thanks to their acidity. It is kindly suggested that you should rub the juice or peel on your face and let it become dry after a few minutes, and then rinse off completely. To close up big open pores, you could also wipe tomato juice onto your face. As a result, the pores would be tightened up by the application of the juice. It would be much helpful in blocking dirt from getting into the pores easily.

2. Try the quick fixes.

To fight against pimples, you could find a lot of medicines and creams available either over-the-counter or by prescription. However, such things might be expensive or you have to wait for days or weeks to see any remarkable change. Instead you could find something alternative in your kitchen or bathroom for an overnight fix to clear pimples. For example, you could use toothpaste for a pimple on your face and wash it off when it becomes dry. But remember not to leave it too long on your face, because it would dry out your skin as well. Papaya juice is another approach to get rid of pimples and clear up your skin.

3. Go for the preventative measures.

As far as preventive measures are concerned, you should consider having a daily regimen of cleanliness so as to avoid the outbreaks of pimples. To such end, you had better keep your face clean all day long. When you want to buy some makeup, remember to get those oil-free varieties. If you prefer to wear makeup, make sure to take it off totally at night to prevent your pores from being clogged. It is necessary to change your pillowcase regularly for the concern of building up some oil when you sleep. As for a long hair, you should not brush your face too much, because it could transfer oil to your face.

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