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Beauty Tips for Dark Spots on Dark Skin

Beauty Tips for Dark Spots on Dark Skin

It is known that darker skin consists of more melanin than lighter one. On one hand, the richness of melanin would allow dark skin to be less influenced by some kinds of sun damage, but on the other, plentiful melanin means that it could cause the condition which would be unsightly to cover and challenging to deal with. That is dark spots, known as hyper-pigmentation as well. Therefore, if you have dark skin, you had better to read the tips as follows.

1. To have the better understanding of the cause.

In most instances, dark spots on dark skin are attributed to physical injury, such as something related to bruises and cuts, or the damage to occur when a pimple is squeezed. In order to get rid of getting spots, you should often avoid some activities that could easily lead to bruises or injury and try not to squeeze pimples as much as possible.
At the same time, you should be always aware that serious diseases, like Addison’s Disease would cause dark spots. If you notice kind of skin discoloration without any obvious trigger, you are strongly advised to see a doctor.

2. To go for a problematic treatment.

According to Dermatology Times, many dermatologists regard hydroquinone as one of the most efficient approaches to lighten dark spots. But it could also bring out certain risks. If you use hydroquinone for a long period of time, probably ochronosis would come up accordingly, because it would cause severe skin discoloration, and more seriously, it would be closely related to cancer. Due to such reasons, in Europe, Africa, Australia and parts of Asia, the use of the hydroquinone has been banned. In the U.S, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been thinking to ban the sales of hydroquinone in the country.

3. To look for the alternative treatments.

It is fortunate to look for some alternatives instead. Compared with hydroquinone, arbutin is similar in function, but it is much gentler. Another alternative goes to the kojic acid which is a natural compound produced through different strains of fungi. And licorice and azelaic acid are better choices to make as well.

Apart from above mentioned alternatives, you are kindly suggested to try sulfur, because sulfur is vital to skin health with a unique role to play for lightening dark spots.

Such mineral has been long applied in promotion of health and wellness. That is why lots of people choose sulfur-spring resorts as popular destinations, since it is widely accepted that their therapeutic waters could either calm the skin to heal the liver. This therapy is known as MSM. Typically it is also used together with creams and lotions.
In addition, you should always remember to keep your skin away from the sun with a high-quality sunscreen, because the sun would allow melanin to produce. If you expose your skin to the sun’s rays quite often, it would slow down your treatment or make your condition worse.

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