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Beauty Tips for Big Noses

Beauty Tips for Big Noses

If someone has larger noses, it could be a distinct and unique character. In certain cases, some would like to embrace their big noses, while others would prefer to focus more on their eyes or mouth. Therefore, you should learn something basic in regard to the makeup techniques and hairstyles, thus avoiding attention of your nose and showing more on your other facial features.

1. Go for contouring.

If you could contour your nose with some makeup, it could help make it appear smaller. It is kindly suggested that you should choose kind of powder or liquid makeup which would be a few shades darker than your face powder and then apply it to each side of your nose in a straight line down to your nostrils. In this way, you would be able to create the illusion of shadow that could make your nose look narrower. The following step is to use a shade of powder lighter than your normal face powder down the center of your nose for the final touch.

2. Try to widen your eyes.

If you want to widen your eyes, you had better apply the darker eye makeup with long lashes which would make your eyes look bigger, thus bring the attention to your eyes rather than your nose. By doing so, the dark eyeliner to line the lids and under the eyes is strongly recommended. You should remember to avoid using makeup on the waterline, because it could make your eyes appear more closed. If you want to have focus on your eye, you should go for a light gloss on your lips.

3. Pay attention to coloring your lips.

In this step, you should give special attention to your lip after you have finished your dark eye makeup. As for lips, you should try your best to line your lips a little outside of the lip line in order to let them look fuller. To such end, you should select a dark or bright red lipstick to draw attention to your mouth. When your have finished applying the lipstick, you should cover it with a high-shine gloss for drawing more attention to your lips.

4. Choose the proper hairstyle.

It is common that your hairstyle could either flatter or emphasize your large nose. If you have a shorter style, like a pixie haircut, it could easily give more attention to your nose. The pixie cut is suitable for the small features and a smaller frame. In addition, you are kindly suggested that you should avoid bangs as well, for it could cause a break in the face and leave more emphasis on your nose. To fight such faults, the longer styles with a side swept bang are the most flattering hairstyle in regard to your big nose.

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