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Beauty Tips for an Instant Glow

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Some people are born with glowing skin or supreme health, others are not lucky enough to be so. With clear, glowing and healthy skin, you would be always in style by a good look. If you are intended to make your skin appear with an instant luminous glow look, you had better try the following tips for such purpose.

1. Go for the natural approach.

If you would like to save money or want to try the natural approach in your beauty practice, you had better look for such thing in your refrigerator in this regard. For example, you could resort to a potato for creating a face mask. At first, you should slice some potatoes and mix them in a bowl with water. And then apply the starch water from such mixture the potato you skin to make it look luminous.

2. Focus on highlighter and foundation

If you want to give your skin an instant glow, you should learn to use highlighter and foundation in a proper way. Before application, you should mix liquid highlighter together with liquid foundation for an even distribution. After applying your foundation, you are then suggested to apply the highlighter to your skin. You should remember to apply it in the spots like your brow bone and cheekbones. Instead of applying liquid highlighter, you could also use powder highlighter, which you could dust on your skin after the foundation applied.

3. Pay attention to blush.

If you could use blush carefully, it would be effective to make your skin shine and glow. There are lots of different blush colors, ranged from bright orange to light pink. Therefore, you should choose the right color of blush which would match best with your skin tones. As for darker-skinned people, they could apply brighter, more coral blush colors. But for those with the fair skin look, the pink or light peach tones would be the best. If you could apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks, you could get an instant glow as expected.

4. Keep on exfoliating.

If you could exfoliate your skin regularly, it would be much useful to remove the dead skin cells and reveal the new ones, thus making your skin glow. By doing so, you could exfoliate your skin by using a commercial facial exfoliating scrub and a soft washcloth. Apply water to the facial scrub and then softly massage such scrub into the skin and finally wash it off with warm water.

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