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Beauty Tips for Air Hostess

Beauty Tips for Air Hostess

As an air hostess, you would spend a longer time than ordinary people, which could cause the problem of puffy eyes, dry skin as well as the untamed and frizzy mane. However, you should look fresh and beautiful even with the long hours of flying as required by your job. Here are a few tips you could follow in order to maintain your best possible image as air hostess.

1. Try o keep Hydrated.

It is strongly recommended that you should hydrate, because if you are dehydrated during your flight, you would present a dull complexion by looking tired. Therefore, you should remember not to drink too much alcohol, sugary drinks or caffeine before or during your flight hours, for it could dehydrate your body even harder. Instead, you should go for drinking more water if possible, which would be much helpful for hydration.

2. Try to use cleansing wipes.

Before your landing, you should apply some cleansing face wipes for refreshment of your skin. It is kindly advised that you should go to the bathroom, cleaning your face, neck and hands. Such action would be important for keeping skin moisturized in regard to your health and beauty. By doing so, you could use face lotion post-cleanse so as to make sure that your skin always stays luminous.

3. Try to focus your makeup.

Before touch down, you should do your makeup with the travel sized make-up when getting aboard, which would be nice for your touching up. As required by the TSA, all liquids you are using should be kept in containers which should be smaller than 3 ounces and put into a plastic bag. When you are near to finishing your flight, you had better touch up your makeup with a fresh coat of under-eye concealer and mascara to make your appearance rested and alert in the better way.

4. Try to pay attention to hair-washing.

Before your flight, you are kindly advised to wash and dry your hair. To such end, you should apply the moisturizing conditioner for prevention of frizz and remember to have your hair tied back in a pony-tail or bun during your flight. By the end of each flight is, it would be helpful in avoid looking disheveled and it would be also much easier to revive your original hair-style.

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