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AP Essay Writing Tips

AP Essay Writing Tips
At high schools all over the United States, AP classes are offered as college-level courses, which are recognized by more than 90 percent of colleges and universities. In order to receive credit for a class, students are required to take an AP exam at the end of the course, which includes an essay for social science, history and English courses. Here are a few tips you could follow when you are going to write your AP essays.

1. A good study is necessary.

It is necessary for students to show that they have understood well and completely the subject they are writing about. As a result, students should begin with studying several weeks ahead of the AP exam, so that they can review all of the material that they have learned in class. The people who review AP essays want to know that students can offer specific facts and evidence rather than general ideas to support their arguments.

2. Go for more practices.

Writing a strong essay requires not only knowing the right facts, but also time limit, because AP essays are timed. So students should learn and accustom themselves to writing under these strict constraints. Although the amount of time for each essay depends on the test, students should be ready to write most essays in 30 to 45 minutes. Therefore writing more practice essays will help students get prepared for the types of questions that they might face. The College Board, which are responsible for the AP exams, offers sample essay questions through its website.

3. Carefully read the questions.

When trying to start with writing as quickly as possible, students often fail to read the essay question carefully. In order to receive full credit, students should make sure that they answer all parts of the question completely. It is suggested that students should leave some the time to reread the question and think about what the test is targeted at, it will help students write better essays.

4. Thing of a plan before writing.

Even though the test is timed, students should spare a few minutes to write and craft a plan for the essay so as to have ¬†time well spent. By doing so, students could ensure that their writing is so clear, organized and detailed that they could ¬†answer all parts of the question. This is also a good time to think about the evidence needed to support the essay’s thesis or argument.

5. Write clearly.

Students should start an introductory paragraph that clearly demonstrates their thesis for the essay. In the following paragraphs, students should make their points clearly and early on in the paragraph to avoid confusing the reader. Each paragraph should directly support the thesis and provide specific evidence instead of broad generalizations. Finally a short conclusion would be helpful in summing up the essay’s points and re-emphasize the thesis.

6. Take a proofreading if possible.

Although students have little time to execute their essays, it’s still strongly recommended that students should proofread quickly if possible. Doing so helps catch spelling and grammar errors that may detract from the essay.