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About The Kind Tips

Welcome to The Kind Tips! If this is the first time you stumble upon my site, please allow me to introduce you myself and The Kind Tips.

I’m a graduate student in fields related with material science and engineering, so everyday I’m dealing with all kinds of stuffs. Actually the main task, sometimes the only thing in one day is to RESEARCH. If I need to purchase a material before conducting experiment, research it! If I know nothing about what should be done during studies, research it! If I got an experimental results but don’t know how to explain, research it! Maybe the research stuff is not what I’m really eager to do, but it at least makes me a good habit, which is now I never take anything for granted and to make sure nothing goes wrong, I research before I make my move. And I research for everything, literally everything!

After talking about my research work, I’d like to tell you something about me. I learned how to use computer and Internet when I was very young, but for that time, video games were the only reason I switched off my computer, nothing more. When I grew up a little, I became more aware of the importance for the Internet and even inspired by several great personal blogs that let people know, make people learn and allow people interact. So why not create one by myself?

It all started with the small dream of running a beneficial website from a young boy…And recently, I finally got everything up in my mind. Since I have been struggling research everything everyday and I do want to create a website, why not share everything that I have researched yet and will be researched in future to people who need the kind tips, advice, and hints before they act? And yes, The Kind Tips came out!

Here, you will find almost everything you want to know, to learn and to master. We offer our kind tips on all aspects of life, study, work and entertainment. Just click the “Category” tab on the home page and find the topic you need tips on. Also, you can directly “search” anything in the search box. I sincerely hope The Kind Tips and I could be of a little help to you. It will be my greatest pleasure if you tell me, Hey, your tips are kind!

One more thing, I’m still pursuing my degree, so I know I will not have too much time writing. If you have any advice or tips on a certain topic and you’d like to be one of our writers, we’ll be more than happy to look forward to your corporation. Also, please feel free to send me the topics you’d like to see covered and questions you need me to research for you. I’d like to hear from you and you will be able to find me on: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.