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8 Tips on How to Save Money with U-Haul

8 Tips on How to Save Money with U-Haul

No matter you are moving across the street or the country, moving is a challengeable job that is stressful, overwhelming and costly. You can save a lot by renting a U-Haul rather than a moving company, but you could save even more money if you master the correct strategy of using U-Hauls. Here are eight important tips discussing some details that you may have missed before.

1. You have to be willing to drive.

It may sound like odd, but the fact is it may be cheaper if you rent a U-Haul for a one-way trips in cases that you drive to the new house and then further to another larger city than the destination you are moving to. The reason is if you return the truck to a small city or town, the cost of your rental can rise 50 percent more.

2. Select the truck with the right size.

You don’t need to rent a three room truck if you only have stuffs the fill one room. Do not just guess which size you want—it’s better you can actually measure and get an estimate of how much you need—so that you will not waste the room and money. If you select the wrong size, you may lose hundreds of dollars depending on the destination.

3. Pick up free boxes.

Do not buy boxes directly from U-Haul. Instead, gather some free boxes from local liquor or grocery stores. Ask them when their delivery date is and help them break down the boxes. In addition, you can also visit dumpsters to see if you can get some clean boxes. While if you are unable to find enough boxes, pack some dresser drawers, plastic containers or other containers.

4. Sell some stuffs at yard sales.

Before you pack everything in the U-Haul, think about if you really want to move everything to your new place. If you finally decide some of them are not worth the trip, hold a small yard sale and see if you it’s possible to sell them or even give them out to your ex-neighbors. Perhaps by doing this, you can earn most or at least part of the moving cost.

5. Borrow a hand truck or dolly to assist.

You will need to borrow a hand truck or an appliance dolly to assist the moving job. Since you are going to use it for once, just ask your friend or local store to borrow one.

6. Use your own padding materials.

When you have some furniture to move, especially wooden items, you’ll have to prepare some padding materials. Don’t buy them from U-Haul and you can use your own rugs or blankets instead. Or you can also put boxes and cardboard in the truck than to rent the expensive blankets from U-Haul.

7. Find the right time to move.

We all know the weekend traffic will be too busy to move. Hence, the best timing to move is between Sunday and Thursday. Also, the rates in this period are generally lower than the weekends.

8. Return the truck to the place you rent.

If you rent a U-Haul here and return it to another store, it will cost you more. In most cases, you have to return it to the same place that you rented it. However, you can always do some calculation or consult with a representative to see how much the cost is to take the truck one way or bring it back to the same place—then make your choice. Normally, if you just move in the state, you should be capable of saving hundreds of dollars by dosing so.

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