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8 Tips for Writing a Satisfactory Marketing Plan

No matter what kind of the company it is or in which field the company operates, big or small,  it needs a marketing plan to set the targets and meet the demands, and it also covers the details about what you want to achieve and how and when you expect the satisfactory outcome. Here please spare a few minutes to read the following tips for useful reference when it comes to writing your marketing plan.

8 Tips for Writing a Satisfactory Marketing Plan

1.   Summarize the overview.

In this part, you will give out general idea and introduction about what you would do with kind of product or service in the future market. It serves as a summary of what would be discussed together with the marketing plan. It is suggested that such synopsis should be presented in one page.

2. Define your product or service.

Here you should use easy and understandable words to give a clear description of the product or service you are going to provide to the market, which would also include the main task of your company, the difference between you and your competitors and what benefit your customers could get from using your product and service.

3.   Work out a market analysis.

In this section, you should resort to the matrix SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) for your market analysis. You should identify the risks and opportunities you would face in the market and what qualification and strengths you have got to deal with them. At the same time, your analysis should also cover information about your competitors, the network of your suppliers as well as the inner management within the company.

4.   Segment the market.

As there are lots of similar products in the market, you had better define yours precisely so as to attract certain group of customers to use your product or service. This kind of market segmentation would help you concentrate your energy to move towards differentiation for clearly being sure of the position of your product or service in the market.

5.   Position your products.

After you have a clear understanding of market segmentation, differentiation of your product and the reason your consumers fancy your product, it is the step you should take that you now have a reasonable position of your products in the market, and then you should work out the proper differentiated positioning strategy accordingly to take the lager market shares.

6.   Fix the schedule.

When you write your marketing plan, you may list several steps towards the final objectives. But the more important is to fix the schedule for each step. For a more clear demonstration, you could use the graph that could be easily explained for the whole year’s performances. The timetable you are going to work out should be realistic and practical in reality.

7.   Have a proper budget.

In this section, you should put some efforts in describing some issues related to the investment in your marketing promotion, the standard evaluating the result of such promotion. As marketing costs have become gradually exponential, so you had better work out a monthly or quarterly plan in marketing practice so as to modify something with the changed market.

8.   Try hard to implement.

Sometimes, writing a marketing plan is much easier than implementing it. If you create the plan you think quite perfect, it would be useless without being tested by the market. Therefore, you need someone to work out such plan very carefully, and you also need someone else to put it into operation with more efforts. Only in this case, could your marketing plan result in the satisfactory expectation to which you have been looking forward. Have a plan today and implement NOW!

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