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8 Tips for Washing Your Face More Effectively

7e44da85029574a4_getty_rm_photo_of_woman_in_showerFace cleansing is an everyday task for every woman and it seems to be an easy one that you can simply washes it and get it done. However, women have more and more choices on cleansing including lotions, milks, foaming mousses, oils, wipes, motorized brushes as well as antiaging ingredients rather than water and soap, so how you should wash your face is really a question you need to ask yourself. Here we offer you 10 quick tips for washing your face effieciently.

1.Completely remove all make-ups and then wash.

Face cleasning is an easy two-step process, however, a lot of people can’t remove their make-ups before they wash. This situation mostly occurs around the nose and eyes.

2.Adjust washing times according to your skin type.

For most people, they should wash face twice a day and don’t bother washing more than that, because over-washing causes irritation and lack of moisture. If you skin is dry and sensitive, stick to once a day. If you are oily type, you can add one or two times to remove the excessive oil.

3.Don’t bother “closing” pores using cold waters.

Some people think it is a good idea to “close” pores using cold water. However, it may not be the case. As a matter of fact, both extreme hot and cold water can exacerbate rosacea and redness problems. And actually mild steam could do good to help soften hardened oil in pores. Washing your face in a shower is a good choice.

4.Choose cleanser based on your skin type.

No matter what type of skin you have, one common rule is never buy something containing fragrance, which can lead to irritation , paraben and harsh soap. For dry skins, choose cleansers with added moisturizers such as glycerin or shea butter. On the other hands, foaming wash works best with oily skins.

5.Scrub can help exfoliate and smooth your skin.

Some cleasners contain salicylic-acid or lycolic-acid and are more gentler and effective than grainy scrubs. Besides, they both provide antiaging benefits and prevent breakout problem. You can consider to use these cleansers alternatively with your normal wash and adjust the times of using depending on your feeling.

6.Gentle toners can help clam your skin and balance pH level.

Please remember to choose gentle and alcohol-free version only.

7.Use a brush to assist cleansing.

Hands can’t remove all the oil, dirt and dead skin completely, while scrubs or exfoliating cleansers are too strong for our skins. A brush can combine the advantage of both scrub and hand washing. Don’t forget to carefully keep your brush free from bacteria, rinse and dry after use each time.

8.Keep the ingredients concentrated on the skin.

You should save the ingredients like retinol or antioxidants on your face for a little longer so that they will function better.