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8 Tips for Removing Stains

We always stain our clothes in restaurants and if that’s our favorite clothes, we’ll be upset and crazy, of course. To help you remove the stains quickly and efficiently, we provide this list of tips. The first three are the general stain removal rules and the rest five are tips for specific situations. Hope it’s helpful.


How to remove stains



1.     When you find a stain, try to remove it immediately.

The longer it stays, the tougher to remove it. So do it ASAP.


2.     You should deal with the stain and then laundering.

Try to remove it first, directly go laundering is of no help to remove the stain.


3.     You should blot the stains gently and avoid hot water when blotting.


4.     To remove lipstick stains, moisten a baby wipe or a washcloth with rubbing alcohol, and then gently blot with the stain.


 5.     To remove a blood stain, you should take action before it is dried.

When it is still fresh, cold water, ice cubes and club soda will be of great help to blot the blood stain with. However, if it’s already dried, try very dilute (normally 3% should be enough) hydrogen-peroxide solution to assist blotting.


6.     There is a little magic when treating oil stains.

In the first place, you should cover the stain immediately with talc or baby powder. Do not start to brush it until it has been covered for at least half an hour. Then brush it off carefully, with a stain remover, such as Spray n’ Wash or whatever. The last step is using the hottest water that the fabric can undergo and wash it! Done!


7.     Remove ink stain according to different fabric types.

To remove a stain on cotton fabric, wash it after you moisten it with rubber alcohol; if the stain is on a polyester fabric, splash it with hair spray and pat with clean and dry cloth.


8. To remove a wine stain, wet it with salty water, dunk it into cold water, blot and wash it ASAP.

However, a lot of times you are in a party and can’t do this, then grab a club soda and soak it, when you get home, wash it right away.


No matter what the offender is, let’s beat these stains!