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8 Tips for Maintaining Clean and Healthy

8 Tips for Maintaining Clean and Healthy

It is well-known that health and cleanliness are closely linked with each other. Whether you travel on vacation or stay at home, you would be subject to kind of bacteria and germs, if you have your body and clothes stay dirty. So, if you want to reduce risks of being ill or having a poor health, you should try to keep yourself clean as much as possible in addition to a healthy diet and more daily exercises.

1. Whenever possible, you should give a thorough wash of your hands with hot water and soap from morning to evening everyday. Before you take anything to eat or have your hands on your face, remember to clean your hands so as to prevent certain kinds of sickness caused by the germs on them. If you are in the situation where you could not find hot water and soap, instead, you could apply the hand sanitizer based on alcohol onto your hands and keep rubbing over your hands for 20 seconds at least.
2. It is strongly suggested that you should have a shower each day. When you are out on holiday, you had better take two showers: the first one is taken in the morning to refresh yourself at the beginning of the day and the second one should be done in the evening for removal of germs from your body after a long day. After some exercises, you should have a shower as well for the same purpose. During your stay at the camp site, if there is no showering facility there, you should boil some water and then wash yourself in a sponge bath after it cools down to a desirable temperature.
3. As for healthy foods, you are kindly advised to have more whole grains, fruits, fish and vegetables. A healthy eating habit is quite necessary if you want to keep a clean internal body. If possible, try to avoid taking processed foods like such sugar or white flour as well ad fast food. When travelling, you should eat vegetables and fruits with thick peels to be removed by yourself. And try to avoid buying any food from the street vendors.
4. Regarded as kind of supplement of the various vitamins from your daily food, you had better take a multivitamin every day, especially when you are out or busy with your work, you might not take enough vitamin and nutrition from the natural foods. In such case, the multivitamin could be a better option.
5. Drink plenty of water every day. Water plays a vital role in normal operation of blood and lymphatic systems as well as in waste removal. Without water, it is quite difficult for blood cells to deliver oxygen to your body. Without water, your lymphatic system, as an important immune system for your health would minimize its function. It is kindly suggested by the health experts that you need to drink more water if you have found the color of your urine is dark yellow.
6. If you would like to keep a healthy body, you should be engaged in doing exercises on a regular basis. The types of exercises include a morning jog or training with weigh in a gym. If necessary, you could seek advice from your doctor to determine which kind of exercise suits you best before you start any of them routinely.
7. To stay away from germs efficiently, you should use an antibacterial wipe on any object which you think would carry the germs in the common sense, such as doorknobs or TV remote controller. When you go to the gym for exercise, you had better wipe down the equipment before using it. In addition, you are kindly advised to put a clean towel when you have to sit on at the gym so as to minimize the contact of your body with germs, especially if it is impossible to take a shower there until you return home.
8. In order to maintain clean and healthy, you should doing your washing and cleaning at home on a routine, because being clean and healthy not only requires you to have a clean body and clean hands as well as eating healthily, but also put yourself in a clean environment. You should clean your dishes after every meal and do your cloth washing once in a week when you have a full load.

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