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8 Tips for Enjoying Hot Pot Healthily

Hot pot is a traditional Chinese cooking method, which allows everyone to participate in the process of cooking—even you actually don’t know how to cook in normal ways. In a lot of areas of China, hot pot has become a common way for families and friends to get together and enjoy delicious foods. It is also being much more popular in America, since it shares a special idea of cooking and eating. Although it is so popular, most people don’t know how to enjoy hot pot in a healthy way—they just look for tasty, not healthy foods. In order to help you enjoy both tasty and healthy hot pot, we list several handful tips for you reference.


1.Choose a light base soup instead of spicy soup.

We all know that the base soup with a lot spices tastes better and striking; however, the price you pay for the better taste is part of your health. Please try to prepare soup containing mushroom, cabbage, tofu, etc. You can buy low sodium chicken and vegetable bouillon as the soup stoke.


2.Try to eat lean meat and replace fat gradually.

Although some internal organs do taste better, the high fat content in liver, intestines, beef tripe and pork kidney are not good for your health. Start today to replace them with chicken, fish, seafood and lean pork.


3.Avoid eating rice and noodles when having hot pot.

During enjoying the hot pot, you are already intake a lot of calories, so don’t bother adding another bowl of rice or noodles to further piling up carbohydrates.


4.Fiber rich vegetables are helpful to keep you healthy and feeling of full.

Some vegetables have high fiber content, such as carrots, spinach, mushrooms, cabbage, peppers, green peas, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc. You should not just eat meat and forget to add some the fiber rich vegetables, since they can help your digestion and ensure you not to feel hungry several hours after the hot pot party.


Healthy hot pot


5.Select sauce carefully!

Oil rich sauce typically taste better, but they are too oily. Try to avoid using sambal, chilli oil, deep-fried garlic and other oil rich sauces. Instead, go for light sauces like fresh cut chillies with soya sauce, minced garlic, and vinegar sauce, etc.


6.Try to avoid sodium rich processed foods.

You may like to eat processed foods such as fish balls, meatballs, or crab sticks; they are all contain much sodium, saturated fats and other chemical preservatives like sodium nitrite and these contents are undesired for keeping your health.


7.Do not drink hot pot broth.

Please do not drink hot pot broth, because during the repeated boiling for more than 90 minutes leads to increase in nitrite levels, so also keep in mind not to eat hot pot for too long.


8.Last but not least, eat slowly and chew thoroughly.

Don’t take overeating hot pot for granted—eating too much is always an enemy of good health.