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8 tips for College Students in Saving Money at Social Evening

 Tips for College Students to Save Money In Social Evening

When in college, apart from your study, sometimes you need to go out at evening to relax yourself and make new friends. So the problem comes. You have to spend money in doing such thing. And how to practically make best use of what you have in your wallet or purse is the issue you have to care about. Here are some tips for you to save money when you go out with your friends for a social evening. Our slogan is “Spend less for more fun”!

1.Focus more on studying instead of seeking fun.

As student, entertainment is necessary, but it cannot be overtaken. Spend more time and more money on your study for a bright future.

2. Have a clear mind of your budget.

If you have to go out, work out what you are able or willing to spend for the evening. So just bring the amount of money in cash with you. When you run out of it, force yourself to come home.

3. Do not take your cards with you.

Having cash is better than using cards in regard to saving money. With cards on hand, you would certainly spend than you could afford by cash in buying drinks.

4. Have something to eat before a social evening.

If you have something to eat before you go out for a social evening, you would not pay the food necessarily. Just spending money for drinks will do.

5. Take alcoholic drinks before leaving home.

Having alcohol at pub is more expensive than buying them from supermarket. To have several drinks at home before you go for a big event, not only get yourself excited, but also save your money in some sense.

6. Show your student identity whenever possible.

Some places, like student unions, college bars and social clubs would give students discount when providing meals and drinks. So go places like these and make you known as students.Even in such places, do not spend too much as well.

7. Give up dear drinks.

In your daily life, try to get used to the taste of cheaper drinks. For expensive ones, leave your hands off.

8. Stay home for fun

Instead of going out, you could invite your friends to your apartment to enjoy yourself with wine of beer you buy from supermarket. In this case, you can still have fun, but at less cost.