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8 Tips for Buying the Best Steam Generator Iron

If you wear shirts and suits a lot, an iron can give a hand on handling those clothes. Most families have at least a standard iron and we’re not going to talk about that. The iron we are concerning is a special type, which is called a steam generator iron. Generally speaking, a steam iron has a separate water tank, which allows it to generate much higher volume if steam than a standard one so that it can make ironing a faster and less difficult work. Although it is larger and difficult to store, also goes with higher price, it can save you a lot of time and effort when you have many clothes to iron. Here we list several important tips for you to choose the best steam generator iron.


A great example of the best steam generator iron: Reliable J420 IronMaven Home Ironing Station with Aluminum Sole Plate.

A great example of the best steam generator iron: Reliable J420 IronMaven Home Ironing Station with Aluminum Sole Plate.


1.  You probably want to choose a famous brand for your fist steam generator iron.

Some of the choices are Tefal, Morphy Richards, Kenwood, Philips and Russell Hobbs.


2.  Don’t think a steam generator will be heavy to hold due to its high power and larger water volume.

You should know the working mechanism of a steam generator. It can generate continuous steam to save multiple rounds of ironing and the water supply comes from a separate water tank, therefore, it’s actually lighter to hold than a standard one.


3.  Since the performance of a steam iron can be severely hampered by the limescale, you should check the ease of cleaning before you buy.

You can consider some models with anti-calcium cartridges or self-cleaning systems. Choose steam irons based on its ease of cleaning makes you less descaling work.


4.  Steam generator irons have different enhanced features and please decide what you need.

Typically, a steam iron may have extra features such as steam shot buttons, directional water spray, button notches, easy-glide soleplates, etc. These extra features make a difference when you are selecting the best steam iron that meets your needs. Take some time to decide which of them is necessary and which you’ll never use.


5.  If you want to iron hanging shirts or curtains without taking them down, a steam generator iron is a good option.

A steam iron is much better than traditional ones in terms of its capability in vertical steaming.


6.  The time required to heat up is an important aspect of a steam iron.

When you plan to only iron several clothes but the iron can’t heat up in a short time, there will be a problem. So check the time required for heating up.


7.  Choose steam iron that provide better safety.

We know a steam iron can produce large quantities of hot steam, and it is ideal if the model has an auto shut-off feature that it can turn itself off after a certain period of time if it it’s not moving or face down for too long. This function can provide more security and reduce the risk of accidents.


8.  Cable length is also important.

Most steam generator irons come with 3-meter cords; you can choose models with longer cables so that your maneuvering will not be restricted.