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8 Tips for Buying the Best Home Dehumidifier

More and more families start to use home dehumidifiers to make their households more comfortable. There are various bands in the market including Kenmore, LG, Whirlpool, etc. It is important to know what you need and what to look for before you actually buy a home dehumidifier. In order to help you buy then best home dehumidifier, we provide some kind tips for you.


1.  Look at the information concerning the size of the room, the amount of moisture, etc.

When you are considering a certain model of home dehumidifier, please read some pertinent information either from the box or from its official website and learn things about its ability of dehumidifying how big rooms and removing how much moisture. Knowing this can help you decide whether you want to buy a single but large one for the whole house or several small ones for each room. You should also know how much humidity exists in your room. For example, if you have a leaking roof or a bad plumbing, then you should buy a home dehumidifier that is capable of removing moisture from the air.


2.  The home dehumidifier should have an auto shut-off function when the water storage is full.

This is an important feature you need to look at. It is better that some models work with a floor level drainage system which allows water to get drained off.


3.  A good home dehumidifier should have a visual indicator of water level.

This feature is important if it does not include a auto shut-off function. The indicator can tell you when the water tray will be full so you don’t worry about wet floor.

An example of the best dehumidifiers: Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier.

An example of the best dehumidifiers: Sunpentown SD-65E Energy Star 65-Pint Dehumidifier.



4.  It’s ideal if the home dehumidifier has a built-in humidistat.

The humidistat, or a hydrometer, makes it possible to control the amount of humidity in the room and keep the room from being too dry.


5. A good home dehumidifier should also go with a frost sensor.

With the help of the frost sensor, the home dehumidifier can automatically shut down if the sensor suggests it is too cold in the room.


6.  For the sake of mobility, the home dehumidifier needs wheels.

If you want to move the dehumidifier from one room to another, you’ll regret that you didn’t buy a humidifier with wheels.


7.  Check the noise level of the dehumidifier.

Although the noise can’t be avoided completely, but it is always better if you can pick out one with lower noise level.


8.  Special dehumidifiers are available if you have special requirements.

For example, if you need to place the dehumidifier in your basement or bathroom, you can choose models that are capable of removing large quantities of moisture.