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8 Tips for Buying the Best Blender


Although mixers and food processors are popular today, blenders are still part of kitchen essentials due to its ability to crush ice, whip up smoothie and puree soups. A blender is a necessity if you drink cocktails every day or hold a party in your house often. As you may know, there are hundreds of choices, so you can be confused when you are considering which one to buy. Here we provide several tips that can help you buy the best blender.

1.  A powerful motor is the key part of the blender.

The average motor power for a blender ranges in 300-500 watt, while some of the models can go up to 1000 or more. Again, more powerful motor allows you to chop and mix ice easily and you should choose a blender with more than 500 watt motor if you make cocktails often.



2. The size and capacity of the blender should not be too small.

The minimum size we recommend is 27-oz, which is just enough for making drinks for two. Depending on how many mouths in your household, you may want to go to 48-oz range so that you can make multiple drinks a time.


3.  The blender should have multiple speed adjustment and a pulse option is needed.

When you are preparing cocktails, start from pulse, which will chop and crush ice slowly and then go faster to ensure consistently well mixed drinks.



4.  Look at the ease of cleaning.

When you wake up the next morning, you’ll start to worry about the fruits glued to the blades and pitchers you used for the party of last night. If the blender has detachable parts, it will be much easier to clean the mess up.



5.  The materials decide how long the blender can serve.

Don’t think a blender made of different materials work same. Actually, you should avoid plastic jars and turn to glass or stainless steel ones, because the plastic jars are easily stained, scratched or even retaining undesired smells. Plus, the blades should be stainless steel to handle the rigor of ices. In general, a plastic blender offers the least durability compared to glass and stainless steel ones.



6.  You can’t avoid noise completely, but you can choose the less noisy one.

Blenders always come with noise, that’s a truth. So what you can do is to look through the product reviews and see what people are saying about the noise level. If there are many complaints about noise, be careful when you decide. This seems to be a minor point, but it can make a difference when you are operating.



7.  Check out the safety design.

The blender should have a secured lid design with protection of the cord. Some others may claim to be dishwasher safe. Check these features out, and safety always comes first.



8.  Look for more functions and attachments.

If you want to try out new recipes often, you can always look for its attachments. Some blenders have some creative attachment to whip cream or chop herbs. However, you should make sure you do need these before you buy, because more functions usually means more cost.