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8 Tips for Buying a Bluetooth Speakerphone

7 Tips for Buying a Bluetooth Speakerphone

For people who drive a lot, a Bluetooth speakerphone is needed when people would like to have the same level of phone experiences in car comparing with that in house. Many factors combined decide the price you pay for a Bluetooth speakerphone and here we list several important things you really need to think about before you actually go to buy a Bluetooth speakerphone.


Do you really need a Bluetooth speakerphone?

The first thing you should consider is whether you need it. Think about your driving pattern and figure out if you speak on phone in the car as a daily or regular basis. If not, save your time and money on it. Or perhaps a Bluetooth headset is good enough for you, unless your ears tend to get sore.


Check the law of your state to make sure legal usage of Bluetooth speakerphone.

Before buying a Bluetooth speakerphone, please make sure to look up for your state law and find out whether it is legal to drive with some attachments on your windshield. You can find related information from the website of your local motor vehicles department (DMV) or highway patrol. If you think your action of using the speakerphone violates the law, you should seek for other installation options, for example, mount the device to the dashboard or sit on it.


Consider if you need a portable device.

Sometimes you will need to move the speakerphone, for example, from one car to another on weekends. If you do this a lot, the portability is of great importance. You can select a product that can be easily positioned in seconds. Some models that require plenty of work to move should be avoided. For instance, to install a certain speakerphone you have to attach a clip to the visor, align the unit’s magnetic plates; lock the speakerphone in place, etc.


Your parking location does matter.

If you park your car in a secure parking lot or a garage, you don’t need to worry about leaving the speakerphone on the visor or windshield. If so, you can use a clamp unit that can tightly secure the speakerphone in place.


The flashing lights can be annoying.

You should be aware of the existence of the flashing lights that come from many car kits. Some of the blinking from the device can be annoying and a huge distraction during driving. In that cases, go and shop for a unit that lacks lights or keeps illumination to minimum level. Or, just go for a headset that you’ll never notice the lights while these doodads are on your ears.


If you can, turn to solar power.

Some Bluetooth speakerphones are featured in solar power instead of AC adapter or USB charger. This is good once you live in an area with adequate rays every day. If not, then you lose this choice.


Forget about fancy functions and just focus on what you need.

Just like buying any other electronic products, you don’t need to pay for more than you need. For example, some speakerphones allow you to stream music from you cellphone and broadcast through the car’s stereo system. It sounds amazing, but before you decide you should consider whether you need these functions.


Test drive with the speakerphone!

Last but not least, you should ask a friend or colleague who has a Bluetooth speakerphone for a test drive. Experience with how a speakerphone actually works yourself to get a better idea before you buy the product. If possible, you can go out at night to see if the illumination will be a problem.






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