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8 Tips for Being a Conscientious Tourist

8 Tips for Being a Conscientious Tourist

If you have free time for holiday, you would like to go to the places you have never been. The tours could not only offer you pleasure, entertainment and fun, but also help you learn more about people and life, which you are unable to know while staying in your own place. So wherever you go, you should behave well and properly as a conscientious tourist. Here are some tips for you to follow in this aspect.

1. Collect information as much as possible.

While you decide to go to the certain place, you should collect information about that place as much as possible, either by the related websites on the internet or learn something useful and helpful from the friends who have been there. You should be aware clearly what you could do and what you could not.

2. Do everything environment-friendly.

When you stay at the hotel, you should try to do anything you could in regard to environmental protection, like the popular slogan—Go Green! If you stay there for a longer time, there is no need for laundry each day, instead your towels and sheets could be washed when necessary. You could also do such thing in terms of using air conditioners, heaters, and other electronic appliances.

3. Try to help local businesses.

During your stay in a new place, try to buy something local as daily necessity or souvenir, it is helpful in strengthening your good memory of your trip, but on the other hand, you could do your bit to support the local business.

4. Go around for new experience.

As you are in a new place, you had better go around to see something new and meet local people. The local tourist attractions are top priority on your agenda. However the chance to feel the place and taste the local life is more important for the purpose of your travel.

5. Respect the local customs.

When touring the new place, you should strictly observe and respect the local customs. Try to do as they do even if you are not comfortable in doing so. For example, when you see you a pile of shoes outside a place, then you should take off yours before going into it.

6. Protect precious heritage.

Some place you are going may be the cultural and historical heritage for centuries. They are certainly attractive to millions of people a year, so you should do your part in preserving them. With your eyes, catch the beautiful scenes and learn the history. Leave your hands off to avoid harming their beauty.

7. Give up the plastic bags whenever necessary.

In protection of our fragile ecosystems, you should try to avoid using plastic bags whenever necessary. Instead, you should take a cloth one with you for carrying your personal belongs or even take away litter. This is the small thing everyone could do, but sometimes it could be neglected because of its tininess.

8. Be acceptable.

When you go to a new place, what you see and hear is quite different from where you come from. Some are common, but others may be not perfect in your eyes. In such case, be patient and acceptable to these things. Never be a critic, better to be ordinary traveler whose own aim is to see and observe, to learn and enjoy.

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