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7 Tips on How to Save Money for Moving

7 Tips on How to Save Money for Moving

Moving is one of the major events for most families. No matter the moving is due to a new job related relocation, financial reason, or you just want a change, the process of moving and be exciting, stressful and financially draining in the same time. To help you save some bucks when moving to a new place, we prepare the following seven tips.

1. Look for used boxes.

You can use your own boxes while moving. Please look for them from friends, local liquor or grocery stores. Besides, you might buy some at a discounted price from some moving supply companies.

2. Pack by yourself.

Do the packing work by yourself or ask your friends and family member to do some work for you. It is a time and effort consuming work to pack stuffs, so you can do the job a little at a time in a longer time period.

3. Hire cheaper labors.

Now you have your boxes ready, so how about the labor? Everyone knows the professional movers are expensive on packing and moving and what choice do you have? College students are willing to get some side money for a part time job, hence you can place an ad just calling for day labors or put up a flyer at local colleges to find someone to move the boxes into the moving vehicle. Please just negotiate the payment first and pay with flat fee since paying hourly may lead to the dragging out of the process.

4. Choose the right time.

You can move at any time you want, but you can save money during certain time period. For example, summer time is the peak moving season, when schools are out. If you can move during March or October, then you may be able to negotiate on the rates with those less busy moving companies.

5. Consider a tax deduction.

Think about a tax deduction when you are moving because of job placement or prospects. Also, when you are moving to a place more than one hour away, you should keep all your receipts and talk to your text preparing agency or an accountant concerning using the moving expenses as text deduction for the next tax return.

6. Don’t take everything with you.

Most people feel attached to their belongings, and yes, it’s natural. But to save some money, you should seriously consider about this question: do I really need them? If you have clothes that never are worn, or you have appliances never are used, you don’t need to pay for the moving cost. Instead, list all the furniture, clothing, and house accessories that you don’t need any more and place ads in local newspaper or on the Internet to have a garage sale. In addition, you can simply give out the stuffs to your friends or neighbors in need, or donate them for tax write-off.

7. Request a written estimates.

Ask for the written estimates from the moving companies that you are using. Keep an eye for hidden fees, which may come from carrying items to more than a certain number of stairs, moving overweight items or odd-sized stuffs, moving more items per mover or wrapping furniture and fragile items. Do the comparative shopping and find the best deal among different companies.

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