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7 Tips on How to Save Money and Energy in the Workplaces

7 Tips on How to Save Money and Energy in the Workplaces

Reducing the energy use in the workplaces can not only save you the cost but also help reduce waste and make better environment. We can all conserve energy while save money and we just need some tips and tricks to implement some changes of our working habits. Here are seven tips that might be helpful.

1. Adjust the thermostat properly.

You can program and adjust the thermostat to “off” position during night when nobody is in the office and set it to work half an hour prior to the working hours. In winter times, set the thermostat less than 69 degrees.

2. Turn off and unplug electronics when not in use.

This is a common way to conserve energy. When the appliances and devices, for example, the fax machine, copy machine and computers, is not in use, you should turn them off and also pull the plugs out from the sockets, especially after working hours.

3. Opt for CFLs.

Consider to change the light bulbs and task lighting to the CFLs, which are more energy saving. The CFLs are much more energy friendly because they use 70 percent less than the traditional light bulbs while giving the same amount of light.

4. Take good care of the equipment.

Do the regular maintenance for the electrical equipment in the office and try your best to maintain them at the optimal conditions. You can save some money by ensuring the devices running at high efficiency.

5. Shade the rooms.

Use some shades or window blinds during midday to prevent the heat from getting inside the room in summer time and limit the heat escaping from the from during winter season.

6. Use less light.

If no one is using a room, like a common area, conference room or a break room, don’t forget to turn off the lights.

7. Dress accordingly.

If you dress properly according to the weather, you don’t have to adjust the thermostat frequently and in the same time you may save some energy.

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