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7 Tips on Choosing the Right Video Games for Your Kids

A family is happy playing Wii motion video games using remote control together.

A family is play Wii motion video games together.

Today, many families have video game consoles such as Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, etc. I am a big video game fan personally and I know there are a few video games including uncomfortable contents for certain group of people. If you have children, especially boys, you will not only need to think about if it is smart to play a specific video game in front of your kid, but when he/she grows up, he/she may ask you to buy him/her a video game. If that’s the case, you have to be very, very careful on what you are going to choose. A wrong decision may lead to undesired consequence that will have bad influence on your kids.

Here I provide 7 most important tips for parents to choose the right video games for their kids. Again, please be careful and careful.

1.Make sure the rating is suitable for your kids.

When you grab a video game in mall or supermarket, you’ll find a rectangular badge containing some letters inside. This is ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board). If it is a sport game, then in most case it is an “E” indicating everyone can play this game. For some games including guns and fights, but no blood and brutal performance, then sometimes it will show a “T”, means teenager can play this game. However, you can never buy a video game that has an “M” (mature) or “AO” (adult only, only appear in few PC games), because large amount of sexual and violent contents are contained.

2.Know more about the game.

In addition to look at the rating, you should also check the box for more information. Normally you’ll find it on the back of the game box. It is also a smart way to directly go the official website of that game and read their introductions. You’ll have a basic idea about what this game is talking about.

3.Look at game features.

Again, search online and focus on reviews of the game. If you don’t want to bother doing that, the game features, including bad language, sexual content, cartoon violence, voice chat, messaging, etc will all show on the back top of the game box. Pay more attention to sexual, violent content and also the online voice chat—you kid may talk with strangers shouting and yelling with nonsense or dirty words and you don’t want to see that!

4.Get to learn more about video games.

If you want to beat some guy, you need to know him well. Same rule here. If you want to exclude those unsuitable games, you need to learn more about video games. Read some news and reviews and if possible, try and understand different video game consoles and controllers. If possible, find some guy in same position with you, for example, if you colleague has a like-to-play-video-game boy, chat with the father and both of you will benefit from that.

5.Play it yourself!

If you have reviewed all about the game yourself and still now quite sure about it, PIY (play it yourself)! After a while of playing, you’ll be able to double check the undesired features and scenes and protect your child in advance.

6.Use parental control wisely.

For some children who can’t control the time of playing, parents should control them! Modern video game consoles (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation Portable, etc) all features in a parental control module. It is another checkpoint for parents but you need to use parent control wisely—please let you kids feel they could take good control of themselves first and make them in good self-regulation habits.

7.Play video games with your kids!

And finally, this is the best way to “monitor” your kids while play with them. Get yourself involved in a co-operate game makes your kid feel much better and you could also teach and conduit them when they are frustrated and beaten by a boss.


Please let you kids play video games and play in a right way. And don’t forget to play with them. Have fun!