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7 Tips for Whitening Your Teeth

7 Tips for Whitening Your Teeth

Tooth whitening has become very popular in dental practice all over the world, for more and more people like to look more beautiful or handsome in their white teeth. Since you may be one of those who are looking for the tooth whitening procedure, you should spare a few minutes to read the following lines to know the basic ideas in whitening your teeth.

1. To see whether you are suitable for tooth whitening.

It is commonly recognized that tooth whitening is not suitable for everyone. The people fall into the following catalogues would not be suitable for tooth whitening, such as kids aged fewer than sixteen, those who have sensitive teeth or gums and the women who are in pregnancy and nursing period. If you happen to be such person, be careful about tooth whitening.

2. To run away from stains on your teeth.

Although whitened teeth look much better than the teeth with stains on, it is the best to keep your teeth natural without any stains, which could be done in reduction of drinking coffee, tea and red wine. When drinking beverage, it is suggested that using a straw would largely decrease staining on teeth. If you want to get rid of stains, give up smoking right now, the reason is universally known to everyone.

3. To make commitment if you hold on.

Tooth whitening is not just one-stop action. Your whitened teeth could not keep white forever and you have to do it once or twice each year. If you think you could not hold on for such practice, you should switch on to the thought that you would have your natural shade with your teeth.

4. To try the whitening strips.

Nowadays one of commonly used method for teeth whitening is the application of whitening strips, which are flexible and coated with a mild peroxide gel. In five to ten days after use, you could notice its whitening effect. However, it contains hydrogen peroxide and the irritation to gum may happen or cause tooth sensitivity.

5. To apply the whitening ampoules.

Another tooth whitening way is applying whitening ampoule, which could used to rub on the teeth once or twice a day. Although they are very effective than whitening strips, they are always very expensive with the side effect of irritation and tooth sensitivity.

6. To use the over-the-counter whitening trays.

Being filled with the peroxide solution, whitening trays are made to suit your mouth. Compared to the methods with the strips and ampoules, they are almost same in terms of their strong points and weak points: cheap, but not very effective for tooth whitening in the professional standard and they could also cause irritation and sensitivity.

7. To do your whitening with a specialist.

Among all tooth whitening methods, the most effective one is having your teeth whitening done by a specialist, though it is also the most expensive one. As your teeth being handled by a dentist, he would choose much higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide than you could use by yourself, that would make your teeth much more whiter. Together with application of laser or light the gums would be protected so as ensure that your teeth whitening would be a well-managed and safely effective.

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