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7 Tips for Providing Training to Your Company Staff

7 Tips for Providing Training to Your Company Staff

The quality of the staff in a company is the big issue for the company leadership to consider in regard to sharpen its competitiveness and enhance future development. However, some companies seem to work out the plan to do it or even do not care about it. For the company leadership, you should take providing training to your staff into account as essential and important as investment for the healthy and rapid development of your company.

There are many channels to provide training to your staff, you could contact with local chamber of commerce, who offers training programs, sometimes free for its members. Or you could approach to a specialized company or kind of NGO who would also be involved in training service. If you want to do it within your company, you are kindly advised to follow these tips for the best possible result you could get from your own organized training.

1. When you train your staff, it is better to do it in small groups, because if in the large groups, sometimes you would lose control of the training and could not take into consideration of individual demands and interests. So for the effective training, the desirable number is less than 10 members.

2. If you organize your training program, it is suggested that you do it in the morning, when your staff are clear-minded and energetic. But if in the afternoon, the staff may be feeling tired and aspire to go home, which would seriously affect the training outcome.

3. To achieve the better result that you would expect, you should train your staff on a regular basis. If you do it occasionally without any carefully-made plan, it would not result in a good harvest. Therefore, you could train your staff once a month together with one brief training every week.

4. When you give training, you cannot just talk; you had better do it with the presentation in PowerPoint, which would offer your staffs the visual images to help the staff easily understand what they should learn for a more effective and more enjoyable effect.

5. When you organize your training, it is recommended that you should divide your staff into certain teams within their training. By doing so, it would encourage competitiveness and competition. And they would recognize their position and feel the support from other colleagues.

6. As for a satisfactory training, the active participation from the staff is most important matter. Before the training, you should prepare as many as questions and tasks for them to answer and fulfill within the training. Without the active participation, the training would become monotonous and tedious.

7. To encourage your staff to be closely involved in training, sometimes you need to offer kinds of incentives to them as motivation, because they would feel recognized and praised if they could get a small reward from the training.

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