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7 Tips for Planning the Study Abroad Trip Cheaply and Smartly

7 Tips for Planning the Study Abroad Trip Cheaply and Smartly

To study abroad for some time is a rare opportunity for students to enrich their mind and learn more about new and different cultures, traditions, customs and languages. It also helps them have access to communicate with the people in other countries and taste the different teaching method. Since a study abroad trip could be expensive, you may find out the following tips would assist you in planning your trip in a cheap way.

1. Go for the travel agency.

There are some travel agencies that offer special travel discount for students. Just go and find out more information in this respect and choose the one you think offer the best price. In addition, the travel agency may also provide kind of discount if you are planning to travel in a group or together with teachers. Anyway, you should be clear about what conditions and requirements you have to meet in terms of visa, transport and vaccination before your trip.

2. Buy your student pass in advance.

If you want to save the money, apart from getting discount in your international ticket, you could consider buying low-cost rail and bus passes in advance, which would be much cheaper than you pay by cash when you need to travel by train or bus.

3. International student card is a must.

When you stay abroad for longer time and you would be interested in travel in several countries, then you should have your international student identity card, which could help you get necessary discount or other special service during your stay abroad, because it is widely recognized in the participating countries for the study-abroad program.

4. Get help from your host school.

After solving the problem of travel, the next step you should take is how to find cheaper housing or youth hostel. You had better contact your host school or local community to obtain such information. Home stay should be a nice choice, which could not only offer you accommodation, but also give the rare chance to experience the real family life abroad.

5. Understand local customs better.

Before you travel to the certain country, you should learn something about the local customs—what you could do and what you should not do, which would make your stay abroad away from trouble and difficulty and really enjoy your study abroad trip as much as possible.

 6. Have your insurance ensured.

For a short study abroad trip, you should check with the local insurance company to find out whether it has the short-term insurance policies suitable for students who are planning to go on a study-abroad program. This kind of insurance policy should include emergency medical treatments and hospitalization benefits.

7. Try to know the host quickly.

Once you are in the city of a foreign country, you should spend some time to get to know the city as soon as possible. It would be much helpful for your future life in the city. You should be aware of certain things, like how to take local bus or train, where is the way to school, how to find the consulate or embassy of your country and so on. The quicker you get used to the city, the easier and enjoyable you would be feeling in the city.

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