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7 Tips for Getting Better Customer Service

7 Tips for Getting Better Customer Service

In our daily life, we all want to receive better customer service when we are likely to buy some products. You may still remember the unhappy or unsatisfactory experiences in regard to customer service. Here are a few tips you should bear in mind to get the better service you expect.

 1. Know the quality of service you accept.

Your attitude would be decisive on the quality of the customer service you expect.  If you are treated with some guy, who are young and a little bit arrogant, you want to hit it back or just be patient in dealing with him quietly, it would get the different result from your expectation of customer service.

 2. Clarify your expectations.

In order to get the better customer service, you should learn to be a good communicator with the service providers and let them know clearly about your expectation. For example, if you hurry to catch the early train and you need to be served quickly by waiter at the restaurant, you should make it in a clear way so as to have the service you expect.

3. Address the problem with the person in charge.

When receiving your service, it is possible that something has gone wrong beyond your expectation. At this moment, relax and not be angry too quickly. The better way to do is to find the appropriate person to take care of it. If it is handled properly, it could turn into a happy ending.

4. Behave yourself in a gentleman manner.

As you are waiting for your turn to be served, you should act like a gentleman, and try not to lose your temper or your patience.  It is common that people working in service industry would like to serve the customers who are well-educated, polite and attentive.

 5. Show respect to your server.

If you would like to get the better service, you should show respect to your server. Treat him as equal, not as inferior. When you expect his service, do look him in the eye and speak to him politely.  It would put you in the position that the server thinks providing service to you is a nice thing to do instead of a burden.

 6. Put other customers on the same footing.

As a customer, you should mind your behavior intently. Give up the bad habit of cutting in line. And wait patiently until your turn comes. You may notice that if other customer is annoyed about something during the service, it certainly affect the server’s mood, and in turn it could delay your service. So try your efforts to keep good relations with everyone next to you, even if the service is slow.

 7. Offer tips properly and frequently.

For the people working in the service industry, the tip is the necessary part of their income and extra reward to their service. In addition to treating them with respect and dignity, you should also offer tips to them for the better service you expect. The sum of tip really depends on your mood as well as common practice.

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