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7 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

7 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name


If you want to set up your own website on internet, you should first register a domain name, which is the tool to show your online identity. To choose the good domain name is the issue you should take into account if you want to make yourself outstanding and easily recognized. Here some tips are offered as following:


 1. Name it as short as possible

Your domain name should be kept as short as possible, even though you can have it up to 63 characters. The reason is to help people remember it easily for the next time use.


 2. The .com suffix is the best possible solution.

There are quite a number of suffix attached to the domain name. However the one with a .com suffix is better for your business operation, for it is the first of its kind for a long time application and impresses people deeply.


3.Have your name registered immediately

There are many people or companies registering their domain names on internet everyday. Once you think of the name and decide using it, you should do it as soon as possible, otherwise you would face the situation in which other person has already taken the one you want to register.


 4. Try to register more at one time

When you register your domain name, it is better to have some more similar ones at once, like “” plus “”. You can also register your full name together with a shortened one. That will help you avoid the problem that other would misuse your domain name.


5. Mind the spelling of your domain name.

As the regulation goes, you can register your domain names in the form of letters, numbers, and dashes, but not spaces and symbols. And whether the letters capitalized or not means the same.


6. Seek for advice before your registration.

When you get the selection of your domain names, you had better go for your friends’ suggestion or advice to see that they could easily accept or not in terms of spelling, sound and meaning.


7. Cut down your cost for registration.

Before you really have your registration, you need to have a careful investigation on line to make sure that you would get one with the lowest cost, but the most satisfactory service.





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