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7 Tips for Buying the Best Electric Toothbrush

7 Tips for Buying the Better Electric Toothbrush

It is well-known that the electric toothbrush is better than the manual toothbrush in terms of its function of prevention in dental defect and disease. And now more and more people prefer to use the electric toothbrush in their daily life. However, there are so many kinds of electric toothbrushes in the market that it is difficult for you to choose the suitable one. Here are some tips that we suggest you to follow when you want to buy the best electric toothbrush for yourself.

 1. Select the right size of the brush head.

Like any manual toothbrush, the electric toothbrush has different sizes of brush heads, which depends on the age of user. But there is still some exception in this rule, such as people with braces should use the smaller brush head. If your family members would use the same electric toothbrush, you had better prepare the suitable brush head for each of them.

 2. Think of the replacement brushes.

If you choose to use an electric toothbrush, you should be careful about its replacement brushes, which should be changed in every three to six months as you do with your manual toothbrush. Therefore, before you decide to start with a certain brand, make sure that you could buy the replacement brushes of that brand easily in your local area.

 3. Be mindful of the cost for using the electric toothbrush.

Of course, everyone knows that the electric toothbrush is much expensive that the manual toothbrush. And this is just the cost for buying it. Plus the money you have to spend on replacement brushes, you would pay more for the electric toothbrush. If you are unable to get the replacement in your local area, you have to order from the outside that would increase your cost in regard to shipping.

 4. Find out what type of the charger you prefer.

As for electric toothbrushes, they should be equipped with the chargers, which could be divided into different types: the chargers that are small and easy for travel, the chargers that have the space to hold extra brush heads and the chargers with an indicator light to remind you of charging your toothbrush. So find out the type you like the best.

 5. Know the function of the timers.

The built-in timers are necessary part of some electric toothbrushes, which would fix the time of two minutes at least for brushing all your teeth and it also give 30 second reminding for each quadrant of the mouth.

 6. Go for the different options.

There are a lot of various different kinds of electric toothbrushes in terms of their different power settings, which caters to those people who have sensitive gums. Talking of operation mode of electric toothbrushes, they could be classified as rotary motion, ultrasonic action, or a pulsing motion.

 7. Make sure the warranty reliable.

Like any other electric household appliance, it is common that your electric toothbrush is possibly vulnerable to the problems in your application. So it is strongly suggested that you should make sure your electric toothbrush is warranted and keep the warranty well in case of complaint and repair.

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