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7 Tips for Buying the Best Baby Monitor


Baby monitor is one of the most useful tools at home for busy parents to look after their kids in an easy and safe way. However to buy a right and good one is an issue lot of parents to care about. The following tips may give you some assistance in this respect.


1. The safety of your kid is most important.

No matter which type of your baby monitor (audio or video) is, the basic function of it should allow you to see and hear your kid, which will ensure the safety of your kid.


2. Portability should be considered.

When you are working, you want to have an eye on your kid; in this case, the baby monitor with portable receiver will be a good choice, for it can be easily carried around.


3.The type with a light alarm is better

. Sometimes, your house may be noisy and the function of ordinary monitor may be affected with a poor reception. Thus the monitor with a light alarm will solve this problem. That can ensure your kid’s safety even in a noisy condition.


4. Be aware of battery warning feature of the monitor.

When you buy a baby monitor, you should choose those with feature of battery warning. If the battery on the monitor runs out, and you are unable to know that, Under this situation, you put your kid in danger because of its failure in real function.


5. The range or bandwidth of your monitor depends on the size of your house.

If you have a very large house, then you should buy your baby monitor, which covers large range with satisfactory bandwidth. If your house is not so big, then choose the small type with the similar function.


6. Be careful of choosing a wireless monitor.

Someone maybe prefers a wireless baby monitor. However there are some problems with it. It may receive signal of the same kind from your neighbor. Such interference would greatly affect the normal function of the baby monitor. Therefore be careful of selecting the wireless baby monitor.


7. The more advanced one is not necessarily useful.

As technology develops fast, the more high-tech baby monitors have come into being. For example, the baby monitor with visual function. However you cannot watch your kid on screen all the time, so just buy the right one, not the expensive one or advanced one.