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7 Tips for Buying Comfortable High Heels

7 Tips for Buying Comfortable High Heels



Do you want to buy a pair of high heels fitting you well and give you immediate feeling of beauty? Do you prefer to have your legs look longer with high heels? Please spare a few minutes to look at the following tips helping you make a reasonable purchase of your high heels.


1. Do remember the right time to buy.

It is common that your feet would be expanded in the afternoon owing to physiological factors. So the afternoon is the right time to buy your high heels.


2. Know your size well.

No matter whether it is on sale or you need it for special occasion badly, you should keep a clear mind of the exact size of the shoes you are wearing daily, it should be neither too big nor too small. You should have the high heels fitting your feet well in a comfortable way.


3. Mind the material of your high heels.

When you want to buy your high heels, you had better choose the leather one, which could get rid of heat and sweat and unpleasant, and make you comfortable in wearing them.


4. The stable heel is necessary.

When you choose your high heels, go for the one with stable heels and the wide top, which would offer you enough supporting effect for wearing. Another thing related to stability is the height of heels.


5. The shoes with padding is better.

The high heels with padding will support you at the arch. For the new one, you could try them with your previous pads or cushion inserts to see there is enough space you need when you buy them.


6. The band aids is instant help.

When you just put on your new high heels, you need the time to be adapted to them. During such period of time, some problem may arise, like a blister on your ankle or toe. So the band aids would be helpful in such case.


7. Give your feet a break if possible.

Although wearing high heels show yourself a better body image, it is not suitable to have them every day! You should change your shoes time to time depending on different function or event. If possible you could have your feet bathed in hot water for the relief after wearing high heels for a long day.





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