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6 Tips to Save Money on Fresh Produce at Grocery Stores

6 Tips to Save Money on Fresh Produce at Grocery Stores.

Are you buying a lot of produce every month and trying to reduce the grocery bills? If that is what you are thinking about, you may want to start from somewhere. It is a good choice to get yourself started from fruits and vegetables. There are many ways of saving money on fresh produces at grocery stores and here we select six of them.

1. Write a shopping list for what you need to buy.

Most often, shoppers purchase more vegetables and fruits than they actually need in grocery stores. To avoid wasting money on unnecessary purchase, you should develop a simple shopping list on what you intend to make for each night’s dinner. Also, you can include the list of fruits and vegetables that you plan to enjoy as snacks. Once the list is done, you will need to just focus on the products you intend to buy.

2. Seek advice from grocery store fliers.

The fliers in grocery stores are professional consultant on where to buy the freshet produce at the best prices. Typically, store fliers arrive on weekend newspapers or will be available online. Keep an eye on such information and learn which store has the best deals on fruits and vegetables. Many stores are located in vicinity with each other, hence you can just try your luck to shop around and you may find amazingly good deals!

3. Make wise choices.

This is tip is not for saving money directly but more like to make your money be worth of your purchase. When you are shopping in grocery stores, you may want to buy a large selection of produce. For instance, there might be 50 or even more Granny Smith apples to select. You should pay attention to pick up the ones that looks fresh and feels fresh. Don’t opt for produce like tomatoes with dents and cuts, which may indicate it may be on the last leg. The fresher produce you buy, the longer they last and hence the better value you get from what you pay.

4. Grab produce with stickers.

If possible, you should grab vegetables and fruits that come with the stickers which contains a number sequence like #1234. By doing this, you can reduce the chance that the cashier type in wrong prices for the product by their remembering or guessing. If wrong prices are typed in, you may be overcharged.

5. Pay attention to your receipts.

After you pay your groceries and plan to leave the store, take a quick glance at the receipt to see how much you have paid per item or per pound on each produce. It is common that the cashier made a mistake during typing the items and if you are mistakenly charged, go to the customer service to get refund.

6. Try out local farmers market.

If you have a weekend morning to spend, you can try not go to grocery stores but local farmers market. You may have the chance to get better deals compared with in grocery stores. In the meanwhile, you show your support to local farmers.

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