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6 Tips on How to Save Money Using Air Conditioning

6 Tips on How to Save Money Using Air Conditioning

Temperature is rising, so does that mean you have to pay more for the air-conditioning bill? Maybe not! As a matter of fact, there are several ways to keep you cool and save you money on air conditioning in the same time. Here comes some useful tips for you and just by employing some of them, you should be able to beat the heat and also help our environment.

1. Set the temperature properly.

You are highly suggested to set the central-air thermostat at 76 degrees F for the automatic kick-in of the air conditioner. But turn off the air conditioner when humidity is low or on days that the temperature remains lower than 85 degrees F. You can save on the increasing air-conditioning cost for your business or home.

2. Use fans or natural wind as complimentary.

Ceiling fans and window fans offer great help especially during night, to bring cooler air. During windy days, you can open two opposite windows to enjoy the breeze.

3. Use window air conditioning at night only.

You should use your window air conditioning during night time. You should double up on the sleeping arrangement so that more of your family members can take advantage of the cooled air.

4. Turn on air conditioner wisely.

If you can use the air conditioner wisely, not daily, you could save a lot of money. Try to form the habit that only turning of the air conditioner if the weather forecast predicts extreme temperature conditions. If you plan to use the AC, for example during a day with predicted temperature over 85 degrees F or raining with extremely high humidity, switch on it early in the day so that it won’t have to work hard later. It can gradually cool the indoor environment and hence you consume less energy. If you keep your air conditioner on yearly, you may have to spend a small investment on maintenance service. However, you save more because it is always running at its peak efficiency.

5. Keep your house from the sun.

Try to use blinds, windows, curtains and doors to block the sun and keep your house from heating up so quickly. You will also need the ceiling fan to ensure air circulation. A shade tree is another good idea to plant in front of your house. It is a natural air conditioner from nature and it can help keep the sun from heating the house directly, and thus the inside of house will be heated more slowly.

6. Pay attention to Energy-Star rating.

This is for those who are considering to purchase a new air conditioner. Keep an eye on the Energy Star rating and its efficiency during the shopping. The higher rating and efficiency can save you significantly more money on your overall energy bill.

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