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6 Tips for standing out in your job interview

6 Tips for standing out in your job interview

1. Look for more information.

Before the interview, you had better find the company’s website and have a good study at it. It is quite helpful for you to know better of the company and answer the questions well about important events or dates and major development of the company during the interview. If you could not find its website, you should apply internet search for the necessary information. Anyway, for the interview offered by the certain company, you should get the information as much as possible.

2. Be well-prepared for the questions.

During your interview, you would be asked some questions by the interviewer who want to know you as quick and detailed as possible for a short period of interviewing time. So prior to the interview, you should think of common or tough questions the interviewer would raise and prepare your best possible answers. The common question would be like this, “please tell me something about yourself”, and “what can you contribute to this company”. And the tough question would be asked in this way:  “Can you illustrate an instance at which situation you were poorly manage it and what was the final result”.

3. Take it easy.

If you want to have a smooth and satisfactory interview, you should keep with a easy and relaxed mood. However for those who have their first or important interview, it is hard to avoid being nervous. To overcome such nervousness, you are kindly suggested that you should take long and deep breaths and try to get the place where the interview is held 30 minutes early. It would give you some time to keep you relaxed before the interview.

4. Restrain from smoking.

If you are a smoker, you should learn not to smoke sometime before the interview, for it would annoy the interviewer who does not the smell which could put on a negative image of you.  Furthermore, you could also wash hands or brush teeth thoroughly for instant help. If you really want such job, you have to sacrifice your personal interest for suck goal.

5. Arrive earlier than appointment time.

For the sake of safe time for the interview, you should make the interviewer or his (her) secretary informed of that you would arrive there 15 min earlier than you appointment. You could use such period of time going to the restroom for the final check of your superficial stuff (your hairs, nose, fingernails ears and eyes) which may affect the first impression by the interviewer. Although such stuff is somehow picky, it is really important for the success of your interview in some way.

6. Maintain a good manner.

When you enter into the place for interview, you should smile naturally to greet your interview and have direct eye contact with him or her with a firm handshake. During the interview, you should keep relaxation and good behavior. Try to answer the questions with your best ability. When the interview is over, stand up and shake the hand of the interviewer again with a smiling face by repeating his or her name to show your respect, then say good-bye and leave the place.

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