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6 Tips for Selecting the Suitable Hair Dye Product

6 Tips for Selecting the Suitable Hair Dye Product

To change your hair color should be one of the effective ways to make your look differently and smartly. But you may be confused in selection of the suitable hair dyes, for there are many kinds of hair dyes available in the market. Since you just want to enhance your hair and not like to do any harm to it, you should be very careful in doing so; especially you dye your hair for the first time. Here we offer a few tips for your reference.

1. Select the suitable color for your hair.

If it is the first time you are going to dye your hair, it is strongly recommended that you should go for 3 shades darker or lighter than your natural hair. You should be aware that the colors you are going to use are indicated with the certain standard: unit 1 is black and 10 is light blonde. So please notice clearly the color names marked in the hair dye.

2. Read the manufacturer’s instruction intently.

When you consider using hair dye product, you should read the color guide carefully to know the end result of your dye, which depends largely on your original hair color. In selecting the right color, it is kindly advised that you may encounter the different result of hair dying based on your hair color now. If you are not sure about what you should expect, go and ask for suggestion from a hair professional.

3. The semi-permanent hair dye will be a nice choice.

As you are dying your hair for the first time, you are not certain about the dye product suits you or not, then you could try a semi-permanent hair dye, which could just remain before nearly more than twenty washes. After several tries, you would be clear what kind of hair dye is your best choice.

4. Choose the high-quality product.

As hair dye product always is made with chemicals, if not properly chosen, it would do unexpected harm to your hair. So you should be more selective about the one you are going to use. The safest way is to take the high-quality and brand products.

5. Take a skin test before your first use.

For your own safety and comfort, you should take a skin test before you apply any kind of hair dye, for it could have allergic effect on your hair. Please remember to read through user’s guides carefully to know well about such allergy from your skin test before you really use it.

6. Look for advice from the hair professional.

For the best possible result of your hair dying, you should go and visit the hair professional to hear his or her opinion and suggestion about your hair condition. With their kind help or strict assessment, you would be aware which is the suitable hair dye fitting you the best so as to have a better look with your dyed hair.

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