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6 Tips for Saving on Baby Formula

 6 tips for saving on baby formula

Although breast-feeding for baby is strongly recommended by doctors, for it is healthier for your baby, infant formula is the replacement some mothers have to take. If your baby is fed on infant formula, it costs you a lot of money. Here are six useful tips helping you save money on baby formula.


1.   Buy formula at chain supermarket.

Formula sold at the large supermarkets, like Wal-Mart, Costco, and Sam’s Club, are much cheaper that those at shops or drugstores.


2.   Try to become member of the club.

If you are intended to join a membership club organized by formula company, by filling kind of form either on line or promotion site, you could get special offer or discount for your baby formula.


3.    Buy your formula from Internet. 

Some big companies do not sell their formula on line, but other has their website to deal with on-line sale. If you have time to visit these websites, sometimes you would get special coupons for baby formula with good offer and discount.


4.   Powdered formula is better choice.

Although liquid concentrate formula is easy to be used, but it cost much .If you want to save money, the kind of powdered formulas is the cheapest one to choose.


5.   The bigger, the better.

When you want to buy baby formula, you should buy the big canned one, for it cost less than smaller cans in regard to per reconstituted ounce. So the bigger, the better.


6.   Find a store brand and stick to it.

In your daily shopping, you may notice or be told by your friend that the store brands of formula sold in supermarkets like Kmart and Wal-Mart would be less expensive than those at shops, but with the same quality concerning nutrient specifications.






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