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6 Tips for Saving Money in Using Water

6 Tips for Saving Money in Using Water

In the past years, the water rates for household have been largely increasing. As the result, a lot of families are trying to cut down consumption of daily water so as to save money. So having a reasonable use of water not only helps you maintain the ground water, but also decrease your cost in using water. Here are some tips you could consider in saving your money in such respect.

1. Find exact time for watering your lawn.

If you want to water your lawn, you had better do it in the morning, for water evaporates quicker at noon than in the morning. If you do it at night, there is no question of evaporation, but you may face the problem of fungi growing in your garden.

2. Have more shower than bath.

At your home, it is strongly suggested that you should have more showers rather than in the bathtub, because the water you use for bath would be 110-150 liters, while only 40 liters could be used with the low-flow showerhead. In addition, if you want to save more water, you could turn off the tap when doing with soap, shampoo or shave. Furthermore, 15 minutes would be enough for your shower time.

3. Close your tap when brushing teeth.

In order to save water, you should build up the good habit of turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving. You could turn it on if necessary. And you should ask each member of your family, including children to follow the suit.

4. Mind the leaks.

When you start to carry out your water-saving plan, you should mind the dripping faucet or a leaking pipe at your home, for it could waste a large amount of water everyday. As soon as you spot a leak, fix it quickly and completely. If you find your water cost increase without changing your daily habits, you must examine your pipes and find where the leakage is.

5. Make sure that your household appliances in full loads.

When you like to use washing machine and/or dishwasher, you should remember to run them in full loads. The half empty load would waste more water in such operation. Apart from that, when you wash your dishes by hand, you should collect more dirty dishes to wash for once instead of washing them for each meal.

6. Clean floors more wisely.

If you want to clean your floors, you are kindly advised to use a microfiber mop instead of using the traditional mops or slang, because by doing so, you could save one third of the volume of water in the traditional way. If you find any stain hard to be removed, try to use a sponge to further cleaning.

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