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6 Tips for Making Perfect Juice


If you make and drink juice in a right way, finally the time and money you committed on juicing will add up to your health. Today we prepared 6 quick tips to help you make the perfect juice.


1.  Focus your juicing on vegetables, but don’t forget to add some fruit.

As we’ve mentioned in 5 Things to Think about before Buying You First Juicer, drinking too much fruit juice is kind of harmful to your body. However, if you want to make a cup of healthy juice that is also tasty, you can add a small apple inside. This makes a huge difference in flavor, and yes, that’s all— just an apple, no more!

2.  Root vegetables are good friends to juice!

Try to include some carrots or beets (one if large, two if small) and they will provide extra flavor and antioxidants. Besides, adding root vegetables can contribute to a bit more sugar, add complexity and offer you a nice earthy flavor.


3.  Try to add one leafy green vegetable when you body is used to juicing.

Some good choices include kale, broccoli, swiss chard, wheatgrass, collard greens, mustard greens, dandelion greens, etc.


4.  Watery vegetable is god for making the juice much more drinkable.

Watery vegetables such as cucumber, celery and others are able to dilute the strong flavor that comes from the leafy vegetables mentioned in Tip 3. In addition to make it more drinkable, they also contribute to nice flavor and more vitamins.


5.  Include a beautiful and lovely garnish before serving.

Please remember to add a small garnish to add some concentrated antioxidants as well as please whoever is going to drink the juice. Some garnish options include but not limited to ginger, lemon, mint or herbs.


6.  Don’t forget fibers are good for digestion.

You can consider adding some vegetable or fruit fibers that have been filtered during juicing. This makes your juicing more enjoyable due to their magic to make you feel full.


Happy juicing and hope you can make the perfect juicing that’ll be loved by everyone!